Don’t you just hate power cuts. So dependent on technology and then in an instant it’s gone….

Living out miles from a town or city means that we are liable to a few of these every year. But like buses, when they do arrive the tend to come in bunches.

Last few days we have a had fleets of them…..

Apparently a large section of cable has gone bang. A few years back the fix was relatively easy, just replace the wire section hanging between two poles. But now they are buried. Buried alongside and under a road. To fix them the road has to be closed. Problem is that where we live we only have a couple of roads AND the other road is closed already. For weeks as new water pipes are being installed. So they can’t currently fix it. So arrived the mobile generator. Unfortunately that has started playing up now. So repeated power cuts….

Ok most are short cuts. But here’s the thing. With technology these days it doesn’t automatically switch on, it needs to boot up. That takes time. So many items trying to come back to life. Unusable until they do. Then guess what they start to live again and the power goes off once more.

So frustrating especially as these things are normally a gateway to the important things in life. Well at least the kettle works and no power is required to read a book – as long as I can find batteries to put in the torch…

39 thoughts on “Power

  1. That really stinks. I hate it when we lose power and like you, when we lose it we seem to lose it for days. You never really realize how dependent you are on power until you lose it. I hope it comes back on, and stays back on, for you really soon!

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  2. What a mess! We lose power several times a year, mostly from trees and branches taking out the lines. And we have a generator and several long power cords to come to the house and plug things in.

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  3. It is scary how we depend on modern technology. Still, we too have batteries and candles. But so many items don’t even work with batteries anymore… like phones or charging stations…

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