Have we transitioned to home schooling without thinking.

Another week of family lockdown. Another week of school at home. But things are changing. Increasing amounts of the school day being unsupported. Yes a couple of lessons still try to provide good teaching support but…… The other subjects provide support which is at best patchy and often not there at all.

So what are the scores on the school doors this week….

Lessons this week 20

4 lessons well supported

7 lessons providing a little support, enough to allow us to try and fill in the missing sections

9 lessons absolutely NO support, no idea what was done in the class, don’t even know which area the teacher looked at.

So the amount of classroom radio silence is creeping up every week. Some subjects have gone weeks without any feedback or guidance. Without support we are having to do our own thing. No idea if Hawklad is working on the same areas as his classmates in a range of subjects. So increasingly what he is learning is determined by him and his hapless dad, not be his teachers. That’s starting to feel like homeschooling. With no classroom return imminent, maybe we have transitioned to homeschooling by accident.

54 thoughts on “Transition

  1. Well, if anything, now you know you can do it. I know you struggled with this idea in the past – and I guess it may be hard when work returns but this may be a great first step!

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  2. I home schooled my 2 when they were young and we didn’t really have choice at the time and that was over 30 years ago. Too be honest, I think they did better than kids going to school. I didn’t have to be a graduate. I just got them focused and learned right along side of them. Sometimes they did things most children would never experience, like being in charge of the shopping list, money and change. Of course, I was always there with them. Store keepers were always impressed with there skills. When they return to a “real” school, they were well ahead of most in their grade. We had no computers back then and no guidelines.

    Keep at it. Cheering you on.

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    1. Who knows how it is for them? The government has them doing a juggling job, putting them at risk, pushing the boundaries, not supporting them and the system (to make factory fodder) looked broke well before covid.

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      1. It may not be easy and I don’t say the teachers are deliberately ignorant. I can imagine, it is the system. However, they cannot let the kids pay for it. I am sure this problem is well known and someone who is in charge needs to stand up for them or needs to be pushed to stand up, for this is a constant and known issue. I am sure Hawklad is not the only kid that is in such a situation.

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  3. Yep. The reports on their woeful lack of support are maddening, but you are stepping up well to the challenge and enriching his education in ways they apparently won’t take the time and care to do. Prayers as you continue on.

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