According to the Government this morning it was impossible to forecast the emergence of the Indian COVID Variant in the UK. People should stop being ‘Captain Hindsight’. Which is odd as scientists, doctors, opposition parties, other Governments, some in the media and even the Governments own advisers were warning about it when the the variant first emerged in India in February. All calling for stricter border checks, more robust monitoring, even border restrictions until the vaccination programme was completed. But no. Nothing happened again. The horse bolts and then a big thing is made of Boris Johnson then partly closing the stable doors when it’s too late. The UK now has the second highest concentration of the Indian variant in the world now, second only to India.

The UK COVID border process has since the pandemic started been somewhere between nonexistent and a joke. I don’t understand why for this Government. A Government so quick to permanently remove free travel rights for its own citizens across Europe. A Government which is so quick to close borders to immigrants and refugees. So quick to deport any group deemed as ‘unwanted here’. Yet when it comes to a pandemic it is so set against border control. But what do you expect from a Government that has now decided to switch COVID public advice away from trained medics to outsourced call staff with no medical background.

But what does hindsight count for anyway. Maybe this scary fact. Currently at the height of worlds worst outbreak, in India the average COVID deaths per 100,000 stands at just below 20. In the UK , the average COVID related deaths per 100,000 stands at 191…..

What was the quote our Prime Minister is alleged to have said – let the bodies pile high…… Well he got his wish. All without hindsight.

36 thoughts on “Hindsight

  1. This is so disheartening on so many levels. We have been experiencing the worst case numbers since the pandemic hit, all due to variants. We are usually a few months behind the U.K. but that time frame grows shorter. Our provincial government just came out this week with a warning that people who are not wearing masks will be fined unless they are carrying a letter from a recognized health official exonerating them from wearing one for health reasons. A little too little and too late at this point.

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  2. I read all that and then did one of my “HHHffffff” to let go of my breath. I’ve now got one of my stoic grump faces on and thinkin’ how stuck in this bloody crap 💩 we all are, in all our different ways, so very stuck in it! 💩

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  3. It IS rather puzzling with all the Brexit, “get off my lawn” attitude, that the borders weren’t shut down. Especially with UKs ties to India. Too many people still not taking it seriously.

    I’d not wish ill on anyone, but I *do* have occasional wishes that the Kootie would go after those who refuse to think of others, and follow safety.

    Looks like you’ve got a bit of rain😉

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  4. Holy bleep!! I’m so sorry. In the state where I live because vaccines are now available to everyone 12 and older, our governor said something the other day about opening the state back up by the end of June. (He believes in science and has been following the advice of scientists). That would be when people who are actually taking advantage of getting vaccinated could be immune. Hopefully, we won’t experience a rise in cases through July and August due to too many people not getting vaccinated. Having had both my vaccination shots, when the state and businesses drop mask mandates I’m comfortable going without.

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