It’s stormy here. Has been for over 24 hours and more to come. Sadly more storms might be heading our way.

I wish I didn’t have to keep going on about the Government. But every day, every day they strike again. This time it’s that all formal COVID restrictions will be lifted. In two weeks it will come down to individual choice. If you want to observe social distancing or wear a mask on public transport then you can, but you don’t need to. This is at a time when variant fuelled infections are rising. Currently at 27000 new cases per day. The so called Prime Minister is talking about 50000 new daily infections by the time restrictions come off.

Let’s not be under any illusions now. The plan in England is for vaccinations plus herd immunity to keep ahead of COVID-19 . Banking on vaccines staying effective while purposely infecting as many of the young as possible. It’s a massive gamble when you remove all the other restrictions that are designed to keep COVID under control. We just don’t know how long vaccines stay effective. We don’t fully understand the long term impact of COVID on the body and brain (10% of cases lead to long lasting symptoms). We don’t know how long vaccines will stay effective against variants.

As many scientists and doctors have pointed out. Variants accelerate when a virus is rapidly spreading. Like now…. England has become a giant Variant Factory. You should only release restrictions when virus numbers are under control and are LOW.

It’s a mess.

A mess when those in Government openly talk about not needing to wear a mask because the are vaccinated. They completely miss the point. Masks are primarily there to protect others. To reduce the risk of you spreading the virus to others. To those at higher risk, to those who the vaccine is not working effectively, to those who are not vaccinated, to our unprotected children.

So I’m not ditching my mask. No way…

31 thoughts on “Stormy weather

  1. I find the rush to remove mask wearing very troubling. And I agree with you, I’ll still be wearing my mask for a long while even though I’m fully vaccinated.

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  2. Yes, I agree with your summary.
    Here in Australia a number of aged care residents who were fully vaccinated tested positive to covid after a ‘worker’ with the virus worked amongst them.
    Those same residents are not exhibiting any symptoms, yet are positive. This speaks very highly of the vaccine efficacy. However, they are still infectious!
    This makes me wonder how many fully vaccinated individuals are in society with asymptomic covid yet infectious!


  3. I don’t understand why the UK government is doing this. Really, I don’t! Over here restrictions fall almost completely abut we are close to zero infections while the vaccinations are progressing.


  4. I keep my mask with me, but don’t wear it at all times in public. It depends on if I will be coming close to anyone or not. At the little corner market, if I’m the only person in there, I don’t pull it up. The clerks haven’t worn masks since the restrictions ended.

    I agree with you about UK though. Your government is playing with people’s lives. Children’s lives.
    I’m curious to see California’s numbers in a couple weeks. We just had the first big holiday weekend without restrictions. I wonder if our numbers are going to spike. We have a pretty good vaccination rate. Over 50% of people 12+ so maybe we’ll be okay🤞


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