Midday July. Perfect summer weather.Will the weather pick up before the six week school holiday which starts towards the end of this month.

Six week seems a lot of time to fill but in practice it never is. It’s not because the days always fly past regardless of whether you fill them with activities or you don’t. That’s the risk, it could end up with just six weeks of vegetation. Especially with the ongoing pandemic and Hawklads anxieties and fears. Super especially if the weather stays like this.

But here’s the thing. Maybe six weeks of vegetation is what Hawklad needs.

I wonder just how many parents are pondering the same summer conundrum.

33 thoughts on “Summer Apparently

  1. My daughter insists on in person attendance and I am grateful she is able to do it. 10 weeks vacation is killing her. Myself,I liked it better during lockdown. So I relate to Hawklad on some level. If he needs to vegetate 6 weeks,so be it. Most of us are new to pandemic living so it really is finding a balance and what individuals are comfortable doing.

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    1. Totally, I wonder if putting technology down at a set time, none in the bedroom and then going to bed at a set time, well I wonder if that would help BABASP to eventually get some sleep? Maybe not tonight, maybe not tomorrow night, maybe not this week, but the body might revert to the sleep setting. Of course without the technology to the lure BABASP into looking at what we think and say… BABASP could listen to BABASP, BABASP could mantra some positive vibes e.g. ~ “The roses are bloomin’ beautiful” ~ “I’m so loved” ~ “I invite peaceful sleep”…

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      1. Yeah, I know how that is, but then I wake up uncomfortable and still have to put myself to bed. Like me now, I woke with the TV on in the background, still needing to go out into the dark to shut the hens little door like a Wee Willie Winkie, then drag myself to go do all the brush teeth etc… This has brought me back to awake for a bit longer. I find it’s much better to do it properly the first time, like a nanny saying “Bedtime” and if that don’t work and I lay there awake for an hour, then to get up, have a drink of water, faff on the laptop and maybe start again.


  2. Summer break has already started over here. My grandson who just turned 11 is getting bored most of the day, except the 90 minutes when does an online coding class.


  3. When do any of us actually ever stop and do nothing? The holidays are just that! Time to re-charge the wellbeing batteries. For you both!


  4. I agree with the comments. Vegetation can be so soothing and relaxing. It silences the mind and can bring you closer to your inner power again which was pushed aside due to the daily business!


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