In 6 weeks schools reopen with no masks and no social distancing. In classrooms which are cramped with poor ventilation.

Hawklad still can’t venture inside shops. Even just briefly. He avoids close contact with others even outside. He can’t touch objects that others may have touched. He is constantly washing his hands. He has had one after brief school tour. He may get one more in the early part of September just days before he would have to return.

The chances of him returning to school in September seem even more remote. Somebody needs to think about a more permanent homeschooling option pretty quickly.

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  1. Is there anyone you can contact now to discuss homeschooling for him? It sounds like it might be the only option and putting it in place now could reduce some anxiety and pressure for both him and you! Hope you find a good solution. ❤️

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  2. You need some support. Does he have a social worker? It’s too much to expect you to do this on your own, either rehabilitate him in six weeks or plan to become his teacher yourself. It sounds like the school aren’t very forthcoming. I hope you get some proper help and advice soon.


  3. My grandson begins the school year this coming Friday. I worry for him very much. He lives in an area where people are resisting getting vaccinated, wearing masks or social distancing. He is too young to be vaccinated. I do hope you can get your situation worked out. It’s so difficult.


  4. From all I have been reading, the lad has been learning quite a lot this past year so I’m sure he will continue but what about you? Won’t you have to work from home? I’m so sorry you have so many problems and no support. It shouldn’t happen in modern society.


  5. I thought the same, like Anne Marie, commented. After all of this experience, you would think the system becomes more flexible, understanding, and supportive.


  6. Even before Covid we had a visit from a father and son – the son wouldn’t go to school and they hoped he might come to us as an alternative. Unfortunately he refused to come to us either (the main problem was that he didn’t like sharing toilets). However, it was recognised as a valid problem and he was getting some support from the school so there must be a system in place as yours isn’t a unique situation. Unfortunately I can’t remember any more, or give any useful advice, apart from keeping up the pressure on school.


  7. What about homebound tutoring? I also know there are some online tuition-free programs that are talked about, but I have no idea if they are legitimate. Last year I was an online tutor for a homebound student. We met via Zoom.


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