The 1st August is The Swiss National Day. It’s a celebration of the 3 original cantons coming together and unifying. It’s marked with parades, fireworks, street parties and enjoying local food produce. It’s a beautiful and fun celebration.

The 1st August is also Yorkshire Day. A celebration of all things Yorkshire. It started aptly as a protest against ‘people from London trying to change how things work here’. It’s ‘celebrated’ with local festivals where people get together to have a ‘good moan’, drink Yorkshire Tea and suck on raw rhubarb. The more hardy amongst us will let rabid ferrets run up our trouser legs….

Two great places connected by a shared date and so important to our little family.

Happy Switzerland and Yorkshire Day to you.

25 thoughts on “A joint day

  1. Do let us know how you get on with the ferrets please? Now that is a blog for another day I think…’The waiting times in a Yorkshire a&e on a Sunday’ 🤣


  2. Wha’ eur day indeed ta celebrate orl things yorkie ‘n ta nivva use t’ swear wut “humberside” i’ front o’ aunty. ta sup teeur ☕️ ‘n ea’ cake 🍰 while watchin t’ ancient ”art o’ welly 👢 wangin. 👢


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