And still it rains.

Oh no, another bath coming his way….

Oh no, I’m cleaning the bath and floors, again. I suspect I won’t be getting any help from him….

As that bath was being administered to Captain Chaos I again pondered life. How on earth has he got mud on the ceiling. As no one will be visiting anytime soon, does it really matter if I don’t immediately clean it off. No bathroom visitors this year, no bathroom visitors the year before. I’m not sure Santa ever uses the bathroom on his big day. That must be some bladder he’s got. I think I would be paying a visit several times in each country visited. Would take me months to deliver the presents. Anyway, will there be any visitors next year. But as my parents would probably say – if you don’t clean it then there will visitors.

So do I want visitors or don’t I….

Depends who the visitors are…. Santa won’t be here for another year.

Best take no chances, so the ceiling was cleaned. But while I was up there I noticed more bathroom cleaning duties. I really hope Santa didn’t pay a visit here. If he did then I’m clearly heading for the naughty list. So I ended up deep cleaning the bathroom. All because the mad, 63 month old pup got muddy. It’s his fault. It’s his fault I have a spotless bathroom. Spotless and still no visitors.

54 thoughts on “Rain

  1. Sorry, Gary, but as usual I got to play the spoiler. Who took Captain Chaos out for the walk? Who allowed him to play in the mud? It wasn’t Hawklad, I bet!
    I learned a long time ago, only look at the spot I am cleaning. If I look elsewhere, the clean spot just shows how dirty the rest is. No to be sexist, but women look everywhere, and thus their work is never done. It took 10 long years to teach my partner to only look at the spots she is cleaning. She has a lot more “she-time” these days.

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  2. Oooooooh, that look on Captain Chaos’ face is PERFECT. I feel the same in the rain, too!

    Speaking of, we had ourselves a wet week of Christmas, but this morning, at last, for the first time all year–snow that has stuck around. The kids were ecstatic until I told them they had to shovel. So much for the season…

    I hope you and Hawklad had a good Christmas. x Ours was a stressful one–the kids enjoyed themselves fine, but Bo and I found ourselves slogged this month, which is why Blondie pretty much ran the blog. Now she wants her own podcast and site. Weeeee’ll see about that. 🙂

    Has school been survivable? We’ve not closed down yet this year, which is good. My three cannot focus at home for the life of them….

    Praying you find a reason to smile today, my friend xxxxxxxxx


    1. I can’t see him going back to full time classroom any time soon. As his exams are in 18 months, need to start to think about how they happen. Sorry it’s been a slog for you, I just hope you get time to breath and even write. You take care my friend, we can do this xxxxxxxxx

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      1. Exams in 18 months?! Heavens! Yet you’re right–Blondie completes elementary school in 2024. That’s not far off anymore! Are you able to get a hold of the exit goals/standards Hawklad is supposed to reach with his standards? Or even the exams from, say, last year to help see what kinds of questions he’d be tackling? I can’t think of what else you’d need to prep for those exams. I hope YOU are able to find those reasons to smile, too!


      1. It was SO much fun. She’s keen to do it some more, so maybe I’ll have her on the podcast once a month. That’d still help! I may recruit Biff and Bash at some point, too…Now that my work at Blondie’s school is wrapping up (helping review their curricula) I’m hoping I can get back on track with my writing this year and publish something I had drafted years ago but needs an overhaul. 2022 can be a better, brighter year for both of us! xxxxxx


  3. Hmmm… no mention of toilet rolls. But toilet rolls are my favorite. 😂🤣😂🤣😂 That statement will make people wonder. It still makes me think of dinner rolls. I don’t think rolls belong in the bathroom. I guess if Santa stopped to use your bathroom he might need a late night tea and toilet rolls would be appropriate. Good work Superdad–that is, good work on that muddy dog, the bathroom and the blog post.


  4. Haha, I love your thoughts about how much sense it makes to make the effort of cleaning the ceiling… I am so similar and in the end, I always clean the stuff up anyway… lol


  5. I’ve often learned that a clean house gifts the owner most of all. I have a home that gets scruffy shortly after we clean it, but in the few minutes it stays neat and tidy, I have a clear head and a calm heart. I hope you were blessed with that even if it be for a wee while.


  6. My little one got spaghetti sauce on the ceiling this week and I was wondering the same thing! 😆 I hope the bath is shortlived and pleasant.


  7. Now if it was me, I would go for a new look…decorated ceiling. After a while it will look quite normal and you could start a whole new trend. When I go to clean up a cat “accident” it always leads me to another and another. My roommate’s philosophy: if you don’t see it, it’s not there, so I have to learn not to look.


  8. Better to be safer than sorry. Bear in mind we wear clean undies in case we ever get hit by a bus, the bathroom has to work on the same basis right?


      1. Oh l know, the sheer volume of strange myths they had us believe from basics to old wives tales …. is astonishing 🙂


  9. Mud mud mud everywhere. Couldn’t be any worse than the incredible amount of rain we have recently experience on both west coast and east coast; roads impassable, bridges destroyed, farms and animalscflooded out, who towns evacuated… Flash on living in the middle of the country. (Canada)


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