Another day, more weather.

At least it’s starting to dry up a tad….

Anybody like mud, we have plenty to spare in the fields around us.

The weather brought hope. Maybe fewer crowds, so it would be quiet enough for Hawklad. Unfortunately not quiet enough. We arrived at a remote abbey ruins to find a busy, small, muddy car park with just a few spaces. Just a handful of cars but still too many. So we returned home. Hawklad is still no where near returning to the classroom.

Back home and safe. No crowds here. Hot chocolate and biscuits on top. Time for board games. It’s so much easier for Hawklad here and if he wants mud, no need to jump in a car. Another attempt at a trip out can wait for tomorrow now.

29 thoughts on “Mud

  1. Currently sitting on top of my wardrobe doing nowt is an old board game I used to love play with the kids, even though I don’t like maths: BEE LINES by Galt.
    I did enjoy Upwords for a while too.

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  2. Oh drats and double drats, for I’ve tried my darnedest to find a video advert I remember. It’s for visiting Wales, but sadly I failed to find it. It had tourists washing their boots, with a line spoken over of something like “You can take photos and memories home with you. but you can’t take our mud”. So instead I will just have to plonk this’ere:


      1. Thing is, I made some of that stuff this woman is on about, but added more water and bright green food dye. It was a homage to slime. The kids loved it and threw it at each other outside, but… (and there’s always a but)… For on the side of a croft in Orkney, the green slime still existed years later in the crevices of the stone walls. Pretty good going knowing the Orkney weather.


  3. I would love to send you some good old Manitoba gumbo. It literally rips the shoes off your feet. Come summertime, when the mud finally dries, you can go get your shoes back, if no one else has taken them, meantime.


  4. Aww. He’ll get there. And as for mud, our usual wet and muddy is right now under almost a foot of snow. And it was 7 degrees F this morning with a high around 14. Bit of an unusual deep freeze this week.


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