Rapidly deteriorating vision. Oh the delights of wearing glasses in bad weather.

At least bad weather does bring out the full Yorkshire Moodiness.

Today Hawklad told me that he’s not going back to school next week. He feels that it’s beyond him currently. I can’t say that I’m exactly surprised by his call. So I’ve emailed school so they are aware. I also attached the latest medical exemption letter provided by the NHS. Those letters are like gold dust here. The exemption was provided just before Christmas, so they didn’t think he was going back as well. With that letter, the Government can’t take me to court for being a bad parent. Up yours Boris.

So as of the middle of next week, here we go again on the school at home project. Fast approaching two years now….. Never saw that coming. One day I might just figure out what I’m supposed to be doing as a teaching parent. But to be fair, I can’t remember seeing that on the parenting job description.

30 thoughts on “Moodiness

  1. I’m in the same boat as far as glasses go. And as for Hawklad, all you can do is your best. And that’s what you’ve been doing for the past 2 years. I’m glad you’ve got the medical exemption letter. School was rarely a happy place for my son, and with his anxiety pretty activated these days I feel for your Hawklad. That said, these days my mantra regarding my son and his future is: he’ll find his way. Feel free to borrow it. We all find our way, one way or another.

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  2. Glad he has an excemption certificate so he can continue at home.
    You are doing great as a parent and teacher and as someone else has mentioned, I feel also Hawklad will learn more at home, than at school.


  3. Hold on here, Gary? You had a “parenting job description”? I never saw one? (Of course, I was never lucky enough to be a parent, but hey, I would have loved to see what it took to do the job! I think I might have been qualified.)


  4. From following your blog these past two years, I would venture to guess that Hawklad has done awfully well. Getting him past his anxieties and back into contact with his friends will be a big challenge but you have started taking small steps and I know it will happen. You should write a book. It will help other people who have such challenges.

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