Definitely feels like the we are about to walk into the opening scenes of the movie, Gladiator. Maybe once I had a passing resemblance to Maximus 不不不不不. Very passing.. Thankfully no barbarian hoards this time although our squirrels can get a bit frisky.

As we walked I asked Hawklad about the imminent recommencement of the school at home project. Is there anything I could do to make it run better for him.

Nothing he could think of apart from me upping my IQ into double figures.

Ok, is there anything I can get in or buy that would help him. Text books, supplies, tech, tutor support. He thought carefully for a while, finally concluding

Yes there is. As he would still be largely cut off from others, then ..


I never saw that one coming. But actually that is a top idea. He needs to have fun. So its time for a board game search of the house and then lets see what Amazon has to offer. He will get more from them than he will ever get from another text book.

55 thoughts on “Gladiator

      1. Wish I could send one to you. If you can’t find one, perhaps I will as it would be perfect for learning countries, maps, geography and various facts about countries. You actually build a map of the world as you go.


  1. Before we all had to buy games, people created them and made them for themselves. I guess you might be able to combine this and that to make a game to share between you and Hawklad. Something personal that includes things like cards with words like:
    “Got a marked test paper back from school go forward three” and “The dog plants a sock go back two” and “Hot chocolate go forward three” and “Mud clean up miss a go” and “Beautiful sunset go forward three” and “Dad has to reads out unique software licence number to Help Desk, miss a turn” and “Cat wants tummy tickled miss a turn” and “Rains on washing go back two” and “Rainbow appears go forward three” and “Got a parcel from Aunty…


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