Early morning in North Yorkshire. Yes that is a rickety treehouse. Every time we walk along this lane, it’s tough fighting the urge to climb that tree. That treehouse would have been had some view this morning.

Some view for as long as the creaky old treehouse floor survives the inevitable catastrophic failure which would be the result of my enormous posterior’s ginormous gravitational attraction to the earths core.

Still for a few glorious nano seconds, it would have been an uplifting experience, until my butt started a far less glorious downward feeling.

That feels like parenting sometimes…..

Most days…….

But as many times as the parental behind hits the ground. Experiences the pain, then the frustration and finally the bewilderment. We get up .again and again. Bruised yes but ready for the next parenting moment.


Because it’s so worth it.

42 thoughts on “Early morning

  1. What an excellent comparison, Gary. I couldn’t agree more. I don’t mind any bruise I got from parenting. It is the most wonderful mission to fulfill in life. One that teaches you better than any book ever could. It takes you to your limits and shows you parts in yourself you would not have thought were there.


  2. W O W !! That is just WOW!! I’m sure I would’ve climbed the tree… or at least ATTEMPTED to climb the tree😂 I do a lot of Dum Dum things!

    The parenting gig is definitely full of falling down. But you’re right about it being worth it. I’ve been doing it continuously for almost 33 years now.

    I made a CHOICE to co-parent Ben, and I continue to choose Ben. As much as he makes my head almost explode, he makes me laugh more. And my daughters are my friends. I’m proud of the Young Women they are!
    Definitely worth it!!


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