A misty start to the day.

We all have had one of THOSE days.

The kitchen floor was freshly washed and since Hawklad fancied a cake, it was baking time. But disaster I dropped a full box of eggs onto the newly cleaned floor. Smashing 11 of the 12 eggs. Better go to the farm shop. But where are my car keys. Finally the penny dropped (along with the eggs…..). I had managed to wash my only set of car keys, in a trouser pocket. I could see the offending trousers going round and round on the intensive stain setting. So I had to wait 170 minutes before I could drive the car to pick up some eggs from the local farm shop. Still I would have bright shiny keys. Might as well bake a cake with one egg. Definitely need a calming drink…..

The kitchen smells of lavender, mainly because I spilled a full bag of loose lavender tea all over the once clean floor. The cat smells of lavender as he rolled in the lavender tea. The dog smells of lavender as he ate the lavender tea as I chased the lavender smelling cat. The furniture all smells of lavender because of the cat.

Then an elderly neighbour came round in a state, her kitchen door was jammed shut. A few minutes later the door was forced open and I headed back to finally bake the cake, but now the cake mix was missing.

Five hours later, the cake mix is still missing in action. I just hope that I didn’t foolishly take the tin with me to the neighbours. Maybe her cats have fed well. Haven’t picked up the courage to go round to ask. ‘I’m sorry did I leave a tin of cake mix on your kitchen floor.”

School was dreadful today but at least I was distracted.

The house and pets still reek of lavender and I’ve decided that’s not a pleasant smell anymore.

One of those days.

59 thoughts on “Misty Start

  1. What comes to mind here is that old saying, “When it rains, it pours!” You definitely had a torrential downpour! Maybe next time Hawklad wants a cake, just make a quick trip to the bakery? Hugs to you both and wishes for a better tomorrow!


  2. Never before heard of anyone mislaying a cake mix. I hope it re-appeared, perhaps already in cake form. Lavender cake, of course. Funny how too much of a nice scent can put you off.


  3. Wow, that is a way to keep yourself busy! I mentioned it once, you would make such a perfect comedian. It is definitely not funny what happened, but the way you describe it… sorry, but I was bursting 😂
    Indeed, lavender can be pretty ugly when it is too much!


  4. Could have been worse, lavender at least is sweet smelling. Some dried basil can smell of cats wee … just saying. Mind you how often does one have basil tea?


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