When life changes…..

Out for the daily mad dog walk and we bumped into a couple who have lived in the village for decades. Even more decades than I have. I have been in their house. They know me, they did know me. But that was in a past life. The door has been closed on that life for nearly 6 years now. A pandemic hasn’t helped, but I don’t think I’ve met them since the world changed for our little family.

The wife recognised us, the husband didn’t.

Do you live in the village, have you just moved here….

More and more questions before the penny finally dropped and he was mortified. It’s not his fault at all. With the usual British stiff up a lip, I never mentioned a funeral that he attended. I don’t look like George Clooney anymore, well unless George looks seriously old, gnarly and has a beard like a cheap sandpaper strip. Plus Hawklad is not 3 ft tall anymore, now he is twice that size. Why would he recognise me.

Life moves on…….

33 thoughts on “When

  1. It is sad when people don’t keep stories of others in their hearts for too long. Obviously, you can’t remember everyone and every detail of everything, but in a small place, if you cared enough, you’d remember some things and more than a few people…

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  2. I wonder what things have happened in their lives. I hope the fella hasn’t got early onset dementia. Question though: Is it just me or does others see the gravestone on the right look like a ruddy Cyberman from Dr Who? {{{shudder}}}


  3. I find the pandemic has done a number on my memory too. Just feel very foggy headed on many days. I wouldn’t take it too personally he didn’t see that George Clooney was among them! 😆😊 Happy Friday and enjoy your weekend!


  4. I have the impression that British people feel awkward around the bereaved, not knowing what to say for fear of making things worse (how much worse can it be!) My parents were like that and others that I can remember. Death was something one didn’t talk about. I was that way myself for a long time but I’ve tried to overcome it. I’m sorry you lost touch with your neighbors. At least I am if you are?


      1. Yes it is, it used to be that small communities cared – but a pandemic in the mix has made that awkward.


  5. No one has mentioned this yet mate, but that is an absolutely cracking shot, well done 🙂 Sits exceptionally well with the content.


  6. I haven’t lost my husband yet, we just received the news that he has terminal illness. And I’m already noticing people we thought were our friends pull away. It’s so strange and very disheartening. I so sorry for your loss.


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