Don’t you love technology.


All I wanted to do was buy two £8 tickets for a walk around a local castle. With covid you now have to pre book the tickets online. All was going well until the message ‘authorisation code sent to mobile’. No message was received. Resend code and once more nothing. Ok, use confirm the payment via the online banking app. AND that failed….Then everything unravelled. Soon I was locked out of my online banking app and my bank card was frozen. Then my online home fuel oil order failed as by card was locked out. I hadn’t realised that my mobile had suddenly gone faulty …. Not accepting messages or calls but at least it still played music (good to see it got its priorities right).

My only option was to phone my bank’s dreaded customer desk. A helpful message told me that my call was important to the bank but there was a 20 minute wait as call volumes were unusually high. Two pigging hours later a voice at the end of the phone. I needed to confirm my identity. Did I know my unique online banking code – NO…. Could I confirm what £19.99 payment was made on my account last Tuesday – NO (as soon as I put the phone down, I remembered, typical)….. Could I remember my online banking password – didn’t know I had one…… Finally, the last option, they would send a security code message to my mobile – but my mobile was stuffed so it never arrived…… Now it’s wait 5 days for a letter to arrive in the post with a code to reset the online banking. Well at least my card was released from purgatory.

Well that went well. I do love the seamless possibilities offered by technology.

So 4 hours later we arrived at a local country house which thankfully still accepted on the door payments. So we did finally get a much needed walk and it was a good one. That was a blessing, no thanks to technology.

49 thoughts on “Technology

  1. I’ve been through that too. Phone was working fine but the one needed code never arrived, to this day. I don’t think it was me, I think it was their servers.

    And, yeah… I don’t know all those codes either. I’ve taken to emailing login id/password/security Q&A to myself and keeping them in an email folder.

    I’m lucky that, if needed, I could walk to the nearest branch of my bank. It’s 2 miles all uphill and would take me a full day or more – but could be done! Though bus would be far easier!

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  2. Technology teaches us all something here, that we cannot rely on it.
    We all need each other in this strange mix of humanity, warts an all. For even those that lived an anchoritic life in the walls of churches ⛪ had to have people on the outside putting food in their little windows.


      1. The most hilarious Jim Carrey movie ever and that list cracks me up
        … 5:30 Jazzercise
        6:30 Dinner with me (I can’t cancel that again)…
        It’s a kilt!


  3. SOOOOOOOOO know where you’re coming from Gary! My account in Amazon got blocked and the code they sent to my mobile was unaccessible as I couldn’t ‘tap’ it. How many times have we told people we don’t have phones that take apps, links, have internet access or receive pictures. I wanted a mobile that made and received calls and texts. Hell, having a camera onboard was pushing it!!
    Glad you got your walk though.


  4. OMG! Such chain reactions. You are that lucky at times, aren’t you? But what a beautiful castle and garden this is. I am sure, you both enjoyed it to the max! So happy for you that you went there.


  5. It looks familiar..where is it? Your technology story…I can so relate! Right now I’m chasing the gas company to make the delivery that should have come last week automatically but didn’t and now it will arrive after we get a snow dump….which for other reasons I have no one to clear….if we lose electricity the 11 cats and I are going to be huddled…


  6. Beautiful Photos. ❤ Yes, technology…. There’s a love/hate relationship there. But we carry on… Stay out of the rain Superdad. 🌳🌳🌳🌳🌳🌳


  7. Glad it finally all worked out. I have a love/hate relationship with technology. I do like google however, that all-wise, all-knowing search engine has saved my bacon many a time. Like yesterday when my camera refused to take a photo because the memory card was suddenly rewrite protected (what the hell does that mean? well, obviously it means I couldn’t take any photos). A quick search on google led me to YouTube where a helpful video showed me there is a teeny tiny button on the side of the memory card that I had accidentally turned on. It was a simple fix to turn it back off. Aw technology, both a blessing and a curse all at once time!


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