Castle Howard as the winter sun starts to set. A Friday school at home week finishing with a walk round a rather understated small abode.

Plenty of time for a walk , three completely missing lessons today. Maybe it’s a school day dedicated just to inner contemplation and finding oneself. What am I thinking, with this current bunch of lockdown partying crooks in charge of our country, they would more likely have sent the kids out as chimney sweeps or have used them as cannon fodder in some distant foreign land. There is no benefit this Government won’t cut, no important service they won’t hand over to rich buddies for profit. Next gravy train stop, the NHS. They already have removed our children’s rights to unrestricted travel, leisure and employment opportunities across 27 European countries. That kind of enlightened personal rights didn’t make Victorian Times so profitable for the few.

So as thoughts of a revolution rattled around a tired, disgruntled muppets head and Hawklad looked out for birds of prey, we walked and walked and …….

Look what we found….

The first Daffodils of the season here. Wow they are early for round here.

A reminder that this still can be wonderful life. Somethings still can’t be corrupted. At some stage the next generation will be in charge and thats why there is hope.

36 thoughts on “Daffodils

  1. OMG, Castle Howard and daffodils in early February. Brings back happy memories of my Jan-May term at York Uni way back in 1995. Here we 24 hours into a never-ending snowstorm that will be dumping at least 40 cms of snow. Needless to say, the daffodils are still sleeping!


    1. I will never forget seeing a puffin, just sat there on the dry stone wall surrounding my humble abode in Orkney. I treasure that moment staring and staring, knowing how lucky I was in that moment. It was a much welcomed visitor, just the once. 🐧

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  2. I am sorry regarding your writing here with how much your country seems to be going through with government. I am new to reading your Blog and don’t follow government issues or even world issues, but with such beauty, it’s such a shame to have that hanging over it. As far as your gorgeous yellow find, which is my favorite color, we too have daffodils in late winter or early spring, which here in middle Tennessee are usually one in the same. Back in south Texas where I grew up, we called them Jonquils, and they always bloomed by my Birthday which is March 1st. But thankfully daffodils are still always the first to peak from the winter ground! 🙏🌼🙏 …Take care, and good luck with all else going on there!

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  3. Castle Howard looks very lovely! How nice to have something so beautiful within walking distance.

    It’s interesting how early your Spring seems to come over there. Daffodils already blooming! A beautiful flower.


  4. The first plant to grow and flower on the Canadian prairis is not the dreaded dandelion, as so many think. It is the prairie crocus. (No picture!) It can somehow grow below the snow, and already be flowering when the snow melts. But in February? Nice daffodil!

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      1. I hope the plants do not suffer too much. Are the pollinators even out yet?
        Mother nature is certainly angry these days, but she should take her anger out on humans. We desserve it. What did innocent daffodils and snowdrops ever do to her?


  5. I love daffodils and I like Castle Howard.

    From being in my garden yesterday, I see something sprouting here and there. So I have something to look forward to in seeing what spring plants I will have.


  6. Your first daffodil gave me a thrill. I just noticed yesterday, when our eight inches of snow melted off the front garden, an inch or two of recently planted daffodils pushing above the surface. Another month or so, and I will also be seeing that first bloom. Thanks for sharing.


  7. Around March last year, you began to post gorgeous photos of daffodils. While almost every photo of yours speaks in quiet to me, the ones of the daffodils reached out and caught my heart tight. I remember looking up their meaning and discovering that Daffodils symbolized rebirth and new beginnings. We were having some hard times then but those photos of yours and the discovery of what daffodils meant helped me so much.
    Today, facing another stretch of hard days, comes the surprise of surprises, your first daffodils. Oh God sure knows how to tuck hope into moment when you least expect it.


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