That’s a tree which needs to be in the next Lord of the Rings remake.

Another school at home week is about to unfold, will it be academically more productive than the last one. I’m not hopeful. At least we have a better balance for Hawklad. The missing school lessons are replaced with Hawklad selected learning and time spent outside. I’m really hoping that is helping Hawklad, this is what this is all about. It’s kinda scary that after 14 years it still feels like I’m winging this parenting gig.

Winging it more than ever. I guess one advantage of being a single parent. I’m official the best parent in the house. Actually I’m also the worst parent in the house. Best baker, worst baker. That’s where is stops. Hawklad is the best in everything else. He’s even the tallest now. How emasculating is that for a Dad 🤣🤣🤣🤣. Well at least I’m still the heaviest in the house, that’s one crown he is never going to take from me. I knew eating all those donuts would come in useful one day. I just hope in the greater scheme of things, I’ve been more useful than a hinderance as parent. And with that thought I’m off to find the next box of donuts.

28 thoughts on “Tree

  1. It’s definitely an Ent. Hawklad is still a kid. You still gotta be the parent. Stop running yourself down. You might convince Hawklad you are right about being a “bad dad” some day. You don’t want that! (Said with love, of course.)

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  2. I’ve got news for you. Even if you are a dad who has always been the tallest there comes a time when they start overtaking you because of your shrinkage 🙂


  3. I agree, your tree would fit perfectly in the world of The Lord of the Rings 🙂 How delighted my sons were when the grew pass my height 😀 Watch those donuts! Being the person with the largest waistline comes with its downside.


  4. Over 33 years of parenting and I’m still winging it too😂 As long as you do everything with love and treat them like a person rather than a possession or extention of you, I think you’re doing great.
    And you do, and you are!!


  5. Love that tree. I imagine it might be something like a tree a friend’s 2 1/2 year old daughter had in mind when she asked her grandpa if he wanted her to show him the “scary tree”.


  6. Laughing…

    That is a fabulous gnarly tree. For a dad who is winging it you are doing super. Stay out of the rain Superdad. 🌂⛱☔☂️🏖🌂⛱☔☂️🏖🌂⛱☔ I through some beach umbrellas in there as well… here comes the sun… spring is on the way. That’s debatable in Yorkshire… 😂🤣😂🤣 I’ve seen your Summer posts…..


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