Am I a bad man…..

For weeks I’ve struggled with the online banking process. All goes well until the bit about sending a confirmation text message. The message never got to me. So I was constantly using the help desk to approve transactions. All a bit of a polava.

Well something happened today. Something very odd. Suddenly a bank confirmation text message arrived. Then another. And another. Actually over 230 messages arrived. Not all from the bank. Weeks and weeks and weeks worth. Message after message.

The first two I looked at where about WORK. From colleagues. Moaning colleagues. Very moaning. My life was definitely not enhanced by reading them. The next message was clearly another moaning work one. The one after that looked like O2 trying to flog me a new mobile.

Am I a bad man, I snapped. I might have accidentally deleted all the messages. Deleted without looking at virtually all of them, just 4 out of 230.

Yes I might be a bad man but wow the feeling of power. The liberation. Sometimes I do like online connectivity. It would have taken me ages to shred 230 letters. That’s progress.

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  1. I spent last weekend in an area with no internet or cell service. I actually enjoyed that time away from being connected. I do not blame you in the least for deleting all that, you would have still been deleting messages come August.

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  2. I have started doing that with e-mail. I purposely stay off the computer for several days when I just get sick of it, the pay for it with hundreds of e-mails. I quickly scan where they are from, then pick the ones I need to keep and just delete, delete, delete. You just can’t deal with that amount of anything, especially when much of it is not necessary in the first place. Yea for the delete key!


  3. My phone stopped working about a week ago. It didn’t switch on, then it did and stayed on with the model start up name. So buggas in bits on t shelf. I’ve no way of getting the info from it though and using a new bigger one is trouble. No names and numbers; work hasn’t yet got the new number and “important” people don’t have the new number, but family ave. I’m slowly getting friends on and in the meantime there’s the landline. I don’t do all the modern things on mobiles and watches. I sure don’t have a watch with Google or one that checks my many steps or sees my blood pressure rising. Nope, I’m not a Modern Milly, I’m more a Vintage Vera.


      1. Technology has a cyber nerve, tellin’ us their makers how to live! It’s almost like those bloody red chests 🤖🤖🤖🤖🤖 in the film ‘i,ROBOT’.


      2. Oh and now I cannot find the new one. I’m sure it’s somewhere safe (that could be anywhere). Oh those places of “Somewhere Safe” that gobble up things and refuse to disclose themselves.


      3. It’s so slim, so was hidden in the glove compartment like it was a part of the glove compartment, under the little box of first aid and a packet of wet wipes. Sneaky little Hobbitses.


  4. I’m still trying to delete emails from 2019 and earlier. My delete button on an old computer apparently stopped working without telling me. I have something like 69000 emails in my inbox. You can help me if you like. Lol!


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