Walking and pondering.

Pondering on how well the cost saving drive is going. Not….

Having spent hours going through the weekly shopping list, looking for deals, switching to saver brands, cutting out waste, the bill came in £10 more than the last previous week……

Filling up the diesel thirsty car and finding it was £75 to fill up the tank this week, £3 dearer than last week…..

Paying this quarters electricity bill and finding it had more than doubled compared to the last one……

Filling up the Home Fuel Oil Tank costing £800, last year it would have cost £300.

I could go on but you get the picture. We are ok but many are struggling. Definitely the time to appreciate the simpler life. Appreciating things like walks. Lifts the soul and costs nothing. Then guess what. My shoe sole starts to come off. Maybe not so free after all🤣🤣🤣🤣 But life has helpfully moved on. Hawklad is bigger than me. So now these days I can enjoy ‘hand me downs’. He must be near growing out of his shoes real soon.

Oh hang on, that means buying him new shoes. Just for a moment I had thought I had actually saved some money there. How silly of me to think that.

32 thoughts on “Free

    1. Your comment would fit well, as a poster on the wall of a psychiatrist’s office. Or in the office of a priest, a drug counselor, a life coach. It made me think of how theoretically, sociopaths aren’t born that way….so maybe they used too much/the wrong type/applied the wrong glue, trying to fix their soles.

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  1. Do not forget, the large companies are making more profit today than they have in a very l9ng time, if ever. You are not psying more because of Covid, or fuel prices, or production costs. You are paying more to the already wealthy can become even wealthier! Thst is today’s economics. Don’t believe lies, or opinions. Look where the money is going. It is being sucked up by the wealthy, like with a vacuum cleaner!

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      1. No, they want to keep those profits flooding in. Our society has lost its humanity somewhere, where the most powerful people only care about gaining more power at the expense of everyone else. The money being made by arms manufacturers, transport companies, and others off the war in Ukraine is nothing but usurious. They want the war to continue, probably until the last Ukrainian defender is dead! And then imagine the cost of rebuilding. The shelled buildings in Ukraine will have to be totally demolished and rebuilt for whatever people move in to fill the spaces left by the dead and displaced.


  2. I love how you lace humor into your posts. I start chuckling, and getting hungry for the next part of the story. It’s like a an emotional shield for me, as the reader. It’s a talent Gary. The seesaw feeling is like flirting, a push pull ride. Dig it.


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