Back to last week. See you don’t need the multiverse to do a spot of time travel.

“Dad tomorrow can we go to Scotland. Don’t mind where just can it be really quiet. Somewhere different. Maybe even exciting.”

Two herbal teas later the solution popped into my head. Visit a place where we can MARVEL at who grand Scotland is.

Quiet means arriving early. As we were heading 180 miles north then we set off just after 5am.

Heading to the stunning coastal village of St Abbs. Part of the Marvel Universe……

The second highest grossing movie of all time, End Game used St Abbs as New Asgard. Hulk and Rocket came here to find Thor. Hawklad didn’t think he would be stood outside Thor’s house…..

I didn’t cause an international incident by taking my shirt off and pretending to be one of the Avengers. Maybe next time. Actually if people think that Thor looked out of shape when he was in New Asgard, wait to they get a look at my version of a shirtless Avenger. Let’s just say the 6 pack is well and truly hidden these days.

As we wandered around St Abbs a thought struck me. The place feels remote almost cut off from modern life. Operating at its own pace with the Sea dominating life. Could somewhere like this be a place which would suit Hawklad. Then the realisation, it might actually suit me. I was brought up by the Sea until I left to go to University. It feels very familiar, very safe. Would a return suit my mindset. Would it blow away the life cobwebs. Would it fix the problem that the world now seems to spin at a different speed to me. Is it a great place to forget the past.

Maybe Thor had a point moving to somewhere as wonderful as St Abbs. A perfect place for his New Asgard

64 thoughts on “Marvel at Scotland

  1. What an amazing trip you took Hawklad on, Gary. And now cool that it’s New Asgard. I too can see the charm and benefit of a more simple way of life with that calming scenery!

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      1. Is there hope for a better cirriculum thare? Getting HL away from those English jerks might be the brst thing ever for him, especially if you like it in St. Abbs.


  2. What a beautiful area and so close. I understand your thoughts and could imagine that it would fit both of you to find some peace and new energy.


      1. Your childhood must have been lovely growing up in such amazing surroundings, I started visiting here even before my daughter was born. We’d been visiting my parents quite often as they had a static caravan in Coldingham, then we finally moved down in 1998. Myself and my late partner bought an old rundown weavers cottage and refurbished most of it, sadly and suddenly I lost my soul mate, but finished the rest of the cottage, putting on an extra room with a large window which we could look at and watch the deer jumping from the woods at the back straight into our garden, the wildlife was quite abundant back then, finally my daughter married, left home and I knew that I was in a beautiful home that was far too big for my needs, so I sold up ( reluctantly, I may add ) and moved about 3min drive away. I now stay in a small harbour town but often nip back to Coldingham on way to St.Abbs, how very grateful I’ll always be for the lovely memories made with family and friends. I’m now thinking about buying a small piece of land to build on, for my next adventure 🙂 Take Care


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