A sea of yellow.

If Captain Chaos made it in there, I’m not sure we would get him out this side of Christmas. If I played golf I bet my ball would definitely land somewhere in that.

So the home at school project is back. Over two years now. Wow two years.

It’s only been a two week school break but so much has been forgotten, by parent and pupil. Trigonometry was mastered, two weeks later it might as well be a cross stitching pattern. Intricate, perplexing, ultimately an unfathomable jumble. Forgetting things is very understandable with my Sinclair ZX81 of a brain (an ancient first try at a home computer which was as powerful as my left buttock). But Hawklad should be different, he has an amazing memory. No he can’t remember any Trig from two weeks back yet ask him about things that interest him and it’s almost PERFECT TOTAL RECALL. Remember stuff from years back. That’s the secret, stuff that interests him.

Sadly British Secondary Education doesn’t fall into that interest bracket……

39 thoughts on “Sea

    1. And that’s exactly what I taught my daughter to understand math. She was completely enchanted that there was a variable value … and she was still in kindergarten😁🌹

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  1. Only thing I can remember from my school days vaguely is art, which I loved and how to wire up a plug which I learnt in Physics when I was 13. But already knew how beforehand on how to do this, with being taught at home.
    Oh and dissecting an eye ball in Biology because there was no way I was going to touch it. And I didn’t.

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  2. That’s pure fact, l can remember everything that meant something to me or l held close in the fascination department, but anything that was pointless and useless …. ahem, let’s move on shall we…

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