Planning can get you to places. Get you to places at the right times. Sometimes planning can get you to places when the weather is nice.

Planning can get you out of the daily routine. Walking on an island in the North Sea is a much needed break from the usual daily routine. That’s good for Hawklad, for Me.

Planning is going to be the key going forward.

To push the boundaries out just a little bit further.

Hawklad wants to see a bit more. Experience a bit more. But his anxieties are spiking again. It’s going to be a challenge. More planning is required.

So can we plan a quiet day trip to another country next.

44 thoughts on “Planning pt 2

  1. I think it is wonderful that Hawklad feels the desire to discover and visit places in a further range. I am sure, it will help him to overcome his anxieties slowly and step by step a little better. I hope that the trip to Switzerland is not too far away anymore!

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      1. Yes, I could imagine that. You give him the time he needs anyway and that alone makes him more confident. He will be so proud of himself and that will a the big leap for him to overcome his restrictions.

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  2. Looked like a wonderful day out! I’m so glad you got great weather too. Kudos to you Gary for the hard work and planning. It made for a wonderful outing for Hawklad!

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  3. I know it’s not legal there, but I bet cannabis would help Hawklad’s anxiety. My younger daughter had horrible anxiety after her dad left. She dropped out of school. Rather than get her pills, I let her try cannabis. She was 14 at the time.
    It has really helped her. She still has occasional panic attacks but she knows how to ground herself and regulate her breathing to get through them.

    Meanwhile… keep planning 😉 I can’t wait to see NEW photos on a Swiss Sunday!!

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