There are the words that no self respecting Yorkshire person ever thought they might have to utter. No it’s not saying ‘Lancashire is actually quite nice’. No it’s not saying that you can get ‘decent beer down South’. And no it’s not saying that ‘cricket is actually really really, mind numbingly boring…..’.

Here goes….. the words we never thought would be uttered here are.

Yorkshire has an extreme heat weather warning…..

Currently we are just about covered by a Red warning. That is ‘Threat to Life and Serious Risk of disruption to essential services.


This is Yorkshire. It damp here, it’s windy here, it’s a tad chilly here, often nithering here. It’s a two vest and thermal knickers kinda place. Never extreme heat.

We are the top of the purple bit under the top 42C. Ok it’s not the heat that many places regularly get BUT this is YORKSHIRE. The UK’s highest ever temperature is 38.7C

I know it’s a forecast and this is Yorkshire. We could still ignore the trend and pull out a damp, misty, chilly day but it’s a sobering thought.

A really good friend mentioned about not being able to see the stunning Switzerland glaciers in a just a few years time. They will be gone.

What are we blindly walking into. What are we losing for future generations.

53 thoughts on “RED

  1. A short while ago the Yukon and Northwest Territories of Canada were hit by a heat wave. Where I live in Far North-West Alberta we were on the edge of that wave, and we were suffering. How the people NORTH OF US were coping I have no idea. The world weather has gone nuts, but yet I hear all the assinine Conservative politicians telling us Global Warming is s hoax. That it is okay to shove more carbon dioxide into the air. The future of their kids does not matter to them, as long as they get rich on fossil fuel use.
    Gary, I hope you don’t get those predicted temperatures, but I doubt you will get that lucky. Time to go south for a vacation where you can keep cool.


      1. Oh, I hope they don’t go there. But our fearless leader Jason Kenney reopened a coal mine without telling the people a few years ago. He got blasted when we found out, and he made promises, but from what I hear while he slowed down production but has not been shut down the mine yet. He cares nothing for the environment. Money! Money! Money! A Conservative/Republican/Populist world is doom for all living beings. They cannot see past their own deaths. We need forward looking politicians, people who look beyond the next election.


  2. Keep the curtains closed, stay indoors during midday, drink plenty, maybe put the dog in the bath and let him run around the house shaking the water off. Think of me, I might be only in the orange zone, but I might still have to be in my personal sauna again at work (PPE), but let’s hope it will just be a “Normal” shift tomorrow and Monday… I wonder if there’s a job going as a lifeguard at Narberth Swimming Pool, for that would be an awesome cool job in a heat wave.


    1. p.s. I gotta say, Narberth Swimming Pool has in the past had some lovely quiet times, where I’ve been the only one in there and it’s been like having my own pool (but with a life guard). All that was missing was the cocktails on the floating flamingo and music.

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      1. I’m home already, but due to others being ill, I’m going to say I’ll come in tomorrow. First time for work I was in a dress. Feet feel dreadful, but wasn’t too bad all in all, what with all the fans going.


      2. Oh geez that’s bonkers. For just one person coming in with covid will have it trapped and circulated in that room. The only time I took off my mask, I had the window open with the fan aimed at me.


  3. You’re having the heatwave we had last summer. It rarely gets hot enough to warrant air conditioning here in the northwest corner of the US, yet I’m so grateful the additional, more efficient heating system we put in a decade ago can also cool. We spent all the savings in airconditioning last summer when our temps got up to 109 F (which is 42.8 C for you). It was nuts!


  4. We’ve had reasonable (for July) temperatures between 30°C and 35°C this year. I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop… it’s been 47°C here in September before, so I wouldn’t be surprised.
    I hope those Weather Guessers are wrong🤞🤞


      1. Oh yeah! We used to have neighborhood water gun fights when the kids were little. Adults and kids all blasting each other. Buying bigger water guns every year😂😂😂 Someone usually eventually got the hose out and sprayed everyone else🤣🤣🤣🤣


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