With a bit of great planning by those who decide things, 1st August finds two rather special NATIONAL days.

Swiss National Day . A Nation who brought to the world staggering landscapes, politeness, precision transport, chocolate and Roger Federer.


Rhubarb National Day otherwise known as Yorkshire Day. Yorkshire who brought to the world moaning, rain, wind, rhubarb, chocolate and Michael Palin.

Happy National Day here.

Happy National Day to Switzerland.

37 thoughts on “1st August

  1. Here is Ontario Canada it’s Civic Holiday. The true meaning behind the holiday is to honor John Graves Simcoe, the first Lieutenant Governor of Ontario (then known as Upper Canada). I just Googled that and it is a new piece of information for me, and I have lived for 77 years in Ontario!

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  2. Im very partial to Chocolate and rhubarb, have been known to snigger at Michael Palin, and am not above grizzling a bit myself (I will not mention wind on account of being a lady)…and you missed gravy (I googled that), an endearing accent, and James Milner. I reckon it deserves a whole week of celebrations🤣


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