A random door appeared in the village today. I wonder which world it leads to. I wasn’t brave enough to open it this time, maybe the child in me might have a few years back.

A closer inspection revealed a note, ‘free to a good home’. Is that referring to the wooden door or the world behind it.

Just over 5 weeks now until school reopens. A return to the classroom appearing to be a more distant prospect than the mystery world behind that white door. Constant hand washing, repeated clothing changes, inability to touch any alien surfaces, unable to be physically close to others, debilitating anxieties bubbling just under the surface. In a quiet, peaceful village with few people and much space, this is manageable. In a classroom and overcrowded school, definitely not currently manageable.

So let’s try to make this summer holiday time as fun and as relaxing as possible. Let’s see where the education door leads Hawklad when it’s time to open it……

62 thoughts on “Door

  1. Take the white door home, man, it’s auspicious — a sign! It may lead you to the answers. I can understand your hesitation, though, only two letters separate auspicious from suspicious — au — the question now is, what does ‘au’ mean?!

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      1. Yes! It IS the symbol for gold, I had forgotten, all the more reason to take the door home — opportunities like this don’t come along often!

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      1. It fell over because you didn’t take it home. If it’s still there, take it, man! Save the door, save yourself and yours. A clear message from the Hereafter.


  2. I would have HAD to go through the door … it would have beckoned me, called to me! And upon seeing the note, I probably would have brought it home … it looks to be in better shape than my own front door!

    Yes, definitely do make the next five weeks ones that he will be able to relax and enjoy, that he will look back on with fondness in the future. Hugs to you both!

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      1. We had mainly 30 inch doors in the cottage except the one to our bedroom which was only 24. Of course it was the last one to be fitted, we had to order it specially, and it took 4 months to arrive!


  3. You do have the imagination of a child, Gary. That door does indeed look magical, like a portal to a fantasy world.

    I hope the next five weeks are relaxing and enjoyable for you both.

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  4. That’s funny, but how will they know if it’s a good home or not? At least it’s in good shape. The stuff that gets abandoned on the road here is something else. Sofas…that sit soaking up rain and snow. In the end I think it just self-destructed. Enjoy yhe hell out of your 5 weeks!

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  5. I’m sorry to read that Hawklad is still having so much trouble. School may be on his mind, but I’m more concerned about how he will have a fulfilling future. It’s heartbreaking that there isn’t more help available for him.☹️💔

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    1. He doesn’t need a piece of paper to have a fulfilling future, for he has learnt some of the best lessons in life from his Dad. That sense of humour, kindness and his natural ability to learn something and remember it. He is going to be fine and more likely to be better off than those that have the bits of paper too.

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      1. Oh I agree about the paper! I just worry that his anxiety is still so high and he doesn’t seem to be getting any help except what his dad can give him.
        Which is great, but I’m sure Gary would agree that he’s not trained in all the ways to help severe social anxiety and germophobia☹️


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