How do you do that….

Hawklad definitely doesn’t get his memory from me. Today I misplaced my car keys THREE times. Couldn’t remember a colleagues name. Forgot to put washing powder in todays wash. Set off to the shops without my debit card…. That sort of thing. Nothing new there, my memory has always been a tad leaky.

Thankfully the only things that I’ve currently passed down the line to Hawklad are gorgeous eyelashes and a love for ROCK music. Only time will tell on things like my large hairy backside and Homer Simpson side profile…..

One of the great puzzles in life. Secretly I quite like the idea of being a rebellious kid like Bart Simpson but in the end why do I inevitably just end up looking like his Dad… Do’h.

Hawklad doesn’t have his Dad’s leaky memory. In such a short time he can process and store huge amounts of information. If it’s something that interests him then he just soaks it all up. Once it’s absorbed, it stays absorbed. It started with Birds of Prey. Then History. The other day I asked him to name every English Monarch, he did it, perfectly and in order. And he’s moved on to other areas, some academic, some cultural, some other things. F1 motor racing being one thing. He’s been absorbing the results, the characters, the history. Only after a couple of weeks it’s mind blowing to me.

Yesterday I tested him.

Name every winner of the world title since F1 started.

Who has won a particular GP the most.

How many career wins for drivers.

Which manufacturers did drivers race for.

In the 50s and 60s which teams did Fangio win titles with.

He was faultless. Like the last question he instantly replied

Alfa Romeo, Mercedes-Benz, Ferrari, and Maserati.

How does he do that. Somedays I even struggle to remember what car I drive. Why can’t school see this. Why can’t school tap into this.


47 thoughts on “How and why

  1. Why can’t school tap into this.” Because it doesn’t fit with the production line mentality of the British schooling system. Bespoke/0ne offs are unthinkable. Such individuals are a threat to the uniformity of thought that seems to be the goal of many authorities these days.

    As for leaking memories, When I was around Hawklad’s age, I too could absorb and retain vast amounts of information on topics that I found of interest to me (apart from dates and date sequences). It was pretty much watertight. Now that I’m into my eighth decade, at times it resembles a sieve. My excuse is that my brain is so filled up with real information, that any trivia such as where I’ve left the car keys become part of the overflow.

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  2. I love this post! Aside from the ongoing and never ending education issues across the globe (I’m “tapped” out; sadly. One daughter-in-law is going to hone school. She is Montessori raised and creating curiosity in a wide array of ideas and subjects. Funding, politics, Forced agendas, and so much more impact education doesn’t it? I laughed at your description of yourself! Memory can definitely leak~I definitely can relate to the key situation. Hang in there, Dad. You’re doing amazing! Bart Simpson’s Dad~you crack me up. 💛💕😂


    1. I’m so pleased you smiled. Those things do have such an adverse impact. Whatever happened to letting good teachers teach in the way that best suits their pupils. This morning it was leaking again. I went outside to do yoga. Put my mat on the ground went back in to get my drink and when I came out I forgot and did some gardening. I only realised when I saw the mat outside and thought why is that on the patio…❤️❤️

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  3. I think we remember what interests us (or in my case the weirdest little things that make no sense to hold onto but if I request where I left something I get an “on no sorry, don’t recall, but can I interest you in this 80’s rock band trivia?”) We are all wired different, I’m sure your son is perfectly suited to something perfectly suited to him and the school system is something that drives me to frustration at times


      1. You know the origins of the school system we have to today? It was designed to create workers who could follow instructions and have a certain but specific knowledge base for the Industrial Age and it’s factories and mines etc. We need to overhaul the system to allow children to think for themselves and they will in turn create a far better world than what we currently have.


  4. My son is the same, soaking up everything he’s interested in and regaling me with loads of facts and types of trains and machines of war. I hope one day he can tap it and do something really cool with it all. And I think by the kids are teens every parent starts developing CRS (can’t remember sh*t). Welcome to the club!


  5. I used to have an slmost perfect memory, not quite eidrtic. Now I can barely remember my own name. It hurts, I can say that. But one needs to adjust. But I still cannot force myself to make lists. I need them, but my ego says “You’ll remember,” but I seldom do. I know I’m lost whenever I say, “This is a place to put something I can never forget!” Five minutes later it is gone, forever.


    1. I’ve tried making lists but it never worked. (a) it requires remembering to add items to the list. (b) it requires remembering to use the list. (c) it requires remembering where you put the darn list. I sucked at all three.


      1. It actually doesn’t drop out, though it could, but more demonically it goes into hiding so that you know you have it, but you are not allowed access to it.
        I am always beating myself up now, because I know I know something, but for the life of me I cannot remember where in my brain it is stored!


  6. I tend to retain if I want too these days, lol. If I don’t enjoy, I don’t retain. My Mum made a coffee the other day and then she went to get changed. She asked me if the kettle had turned off and I said “yes” and she asked me too turn it on. I was like “why”, she had completely forgotten! Haha. Then later I couldn’t find my pjs, I was already wearing them, haha. Maybe it’s just the world, lol


  7. Great question and I know its frustrating! I am just so glad that you see his wealth of knowledge! Schools may be failing him but you definitely aren’t!!
    Fabulous bushy eyebrows! Ooh you crack me up!! 😂
    And my memory is leaky too!! Won’t say how many times a day I look for my phone!


  8. thats completely impressive. I am often impressed with my autistic kiddo ( the one i care for as a nurse). He is just so darned smart. He can’t speak but he seems to understand everything and can communicate in various ways. He has a Tobii Dynavox at school for instance. I’ve never seen him use it here at home but i hear he is quite stealthy at it. At home he has sig language and gestures. But mainly i notice it with his tablet use.This kid is a wiz at picking up games. I just know if he could speak we would all learn a lot from him.


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