Keep on walking

I know it’s another walking post. Kind of…. That’s been the theme of the week. A chance to regroup, recharge and refocus. Start to see the future more clearly. Focus on choosing the right pathway. Try to spot the dead ends.

A step forward today. Hawklad had his first shot of the covid vaccine. The second shot is still not approved in the UK for children. He made me smile. To the question from the Nurse about allergies, he promptly responded


He was also not impressed with my mask. I couldn’t find my usual one, so I had to go with the spare. Last year when I bought our first masks, I didn’t bother to check if that white mask had a pattern on the front. We both took one look when they arrived and said NO.

Needs must, so the mask got its first outing today. Hawklad would only be seen with me if I completely coveted my face with a hood. I looked like a Sith Lord. When the nurse asked if I was his dad, the response was

Certainly not with that mask……


I’ve kinda got used to a mask. It’s part of the pre leaving the house checklist.

Find wallet, find keys, find mask. Leave house. Get in car. Get out of car to check front door is locked. Get in car. Get out of car. Check back door is locked. Get in car. Get out of car. Go in house to find mobile and realise my wallet and mask are still on the table next to the front door.

That kinda thing. But the mask is now in there.

It feels sort of normal now to shop in a mask, work in a mask, even get deliveries from someone wearing a mask. But somethings just don’t work. Definitely some things 😂😂😂

Optician appointments. Come on what did you think I would mention. I can testify that eye tests and masks are a big fat ZERO. On every single test my glasses, or the test lenses or the optics just misted up immediately. On every test I ended up having to pull the mask down, demist and restart the test. But at least I remembered to put it back on again.

So that’s my excuse. My excuse for maybe needing stronger reading glasses 😂😂😂😂


Some things are scary. An old castle on a dark brooding day is definitely scary. Imagine this place at midnight on Halloween. Yep definitely scary. But some sights go beyond that.

A few years back we were living in the city. I was manning the door on a super busy Halloween. A constant stream of trick or treaters. All in fantastic costumes. I felt bad for just wearing jeans and a T-shirt. I had shaved so couldn’t even claim to be a werewolf. The doorbell rang and I opened the door again with a friendly smile. Two little devils looked up at me. Before I had chance to complement the monsters on being super scary, one of the devils screamed and ran off crying. The other devil calmly asked if he could have his brothers treats. With the brave devil chomping on his chocolates I went to apologise to the parent who was stood on the street. The mum just laughed and said her son wasn’t very brave and had screamed at a few masks on the night.

The worry was that I wasn’t wearing a mask.

WOW. And that’s why you don’t get any photos of me. Definitely a face perfect for radio….