I know it’s another walking post. Kind of…. That’s been the theme of the week. A chance to regroup, recharge and refocus. Start to see the future more clearly. Focus on choosing the right pathway. Try to spot the dead ends.

A step forward today. Hawklad had his first shot of the covid vaccine. The second shot is still not approved in the UK for children. He made me smile. To the question from the Nurse about allergies, he promptly responded


He was also not impressed with my mask. I couldn’t find my usual one, so I had to go with the spare. Last year when I bought our first masks, I didn’t bother to check if that white mask had a pattern on the front. We both took one look when they arrived and said NO.

Needs must, so the mask got its first outing today. Hawklad would only be seen with me if I completely coveted my face with a hood. I looked like a Sith Lord. When the nurse asked if I was his dad, the response was

Certainly not with that mask……

52 thoughts on “Keep on walking

  1. Hawklad is the best. 😆 The Force is strong with that one.

    And I’m so happy he got his first shot! Both of you must be so relieved. I hope this helps open up the bridge further to you both.

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  2. The blue / white throw away ones at work, well we’re only allowed to wear them for up to four hours and then change them. 😷 The white on the inside by that time is saturated. I sometimes see folks wearing them in public the wrong way, with the white on the outside.
    Personally, I love that friendly looking bunny mask and wish we could wear that kind of mask at work and put them in a hot wash. I mean, I have attempted to put things on my throw away masks of stickers and the like. I’ve also put things on my visor too, just to cheer people up, but it’s just not allowed where I work. I got told to not, so now I don’t. As for one of my sons and his issues with masks that are not serious enough, it really is “You can’t win them all” and so roll on the end of having to wear ’em.

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      1. My son works in Carmarthen Cameras where they print your own face on the front. 😷 I don’t know how. I can see it’s both helpful, but in the case of pulling a silly face for the camera 🤪 also bonkers.


  3. I bet you ROCKED that mask!! So pleased to read that Hawklad had a jab🥳💃🏼😁 Let’s hope the “government” can realize that two is much better than one… especially since the boy is adult size. His young immune system will work wonders with that one jab. So so SOOOO happy!

    My doctor told me today that since I’m taking an immune suppressing medication, I need to get the 3rd poke. Oh well… better listen to my doctor, right?

    How is Hawklad feeling? Any post poke issues?? I hope he only has the injection site soreness🤞


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      1. Awesome for Hawklad!🥳💃🏼
        Poor Daughter got her 3rd & Flu shots this morning after working a 12 hour shift, then had to go back in for another 12 tonight and she’s feeling ucky from the double poke☹

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