I’ve kinda got used to a mask. It’s part of the pre leaving the house checklist.

Find wallet, find keys, find mask. Leave house. Get in car. Get out of car to check front door is locked. Get in car. Get out of car. Check back door is locked. Get in car. Get out of car. Go in house to find mobile and realise my wallet and mask are still on the table next to the front door.

That kinda thing. But the mask is now in there.

It feels sort of normal now to shop in a mask, work in a mask, even get deliveries from someone wearing a mask. But somethings just don’t work. Definitely some things 😂😂😂

Optician appointments. Come on what did you think I would mention. I can testify that eye tests and masks are a big fat ZERO. On every single test my glasses, or the test lenses or the optics just misted up immediately. On every test I ended up having to pull the mask down, demist and restart the test. But at least I remembered to put it back on again.

So that’s my excuse. My excuse for maybe needing stronger reading glasses 😂😂😂😂

44 thoughts on “Masks

  1. Maybe you don’t need new glasses but simply take off the mask and you see clearly… lol!
    Gosh, you would make such an amazing comedian, Gary 😂This post proves it again 😂😂


  2. California is open and it’s up to businesses. I actually went into the laundromat to grab the clothes from the dryers without a mask yesterday. I felt very daring🤨😂
    It’s definitely a habit.
    Even though I’ve had both shots, I’ll keep wearing my mask in crowds, and at the grocery store. I seriously hate how it fogs my glasses though. I’ve tried every “trick”, and none of them help.

    Glad you made it to the optometrist. I knew you could do it!💌💌💌


  3. The only time the mask bothered me at all was going from outdoors to in during the winter months. Other than that, I didn’t mind at all – especially the part about not catching so much as a cold for months on end.


  4. I have had to deal with the horrible steam fog that appears on my reading glasses when I have a mask on. So frustrating! I have seen some funny memes about a person being condemned for not saying hi to someone they knew and the picture is of the person with a mask and fogged glasses on. How could they even see the person to say hi to them?


  5. I was just thinking about when I went to dentist. We had to wears masks before and after, but it’d impossible between really, lol. I didn’t even notice if the dentist and the assistant were wearing one, but they must have been? Surely, lol


  6. Yes, the eye test was definitely a challenge and the first pair of glasses were not right, had to be replaced. I’m thinking it must be a real nuisance for the opticians.


  7. I know the feeling and the eyeglasses fogs up with the mask. I was told by the eye doctor to put a piece of tape over the bridge of the mask to stop it from fogging up during the eye test. It worked! LOL!


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