Today a ball landed in the middle of that……

No rescue mission has been launched yet. I’m guessing it’s an 8 layer job plus several bandannas and my old batting gloves. Probably the bat and helmet. Actually just in case will opt for the groin box as well….

Wish me luck.

34 thoughts on “Rescue

  1. I’d go for placing two unfolded cardboard boxes in a V over the ball and then opening up \ / a gap. If you lived closer, I’ve a few HUGE boxes here, due to go as the “Brown” layer on the compost and they’d be champion. Thing is, if you like spinach, then these yer fresh veg (ALWAYS WASH AND COOK) you can eat the young tops of nettles like spinach, or dry for nettle tea or other things like nettle pesto and even nettle lemon 🍋 cake:


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