Just an average Yorkshire view. With your average Yorkshire fields. But look just a bit more closely.

Has the nice farmer gone creative.

Did he want to bring out his inner artist.

Can you spot the giant bunny rabbit.

Other areas go for these field drawings as well. But Yorkshire does like them. Here’s a better known permanent one which is 20 minutes drive away

These must take so much effort but they certainly bring smiles. So worth it. Certainly made Hawklad and his Dad smile. Maybe I should do one in our garden. A self portrait. The Giant Yorkshire Muppet.

38 thoughts on “Arty fields

      1. I read where a teacher and his students did in in the 1800’s. Originally they scattered chalk over it but over the years when they did it every year it got so heavy that they feared its sliding down the hill so they started painting it. It’s spectacular.


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