Nothing better than blowing a few Dandelion Seeds about in the air. Normally you get one or two to play with. But occasionally it becomes an epic undertaking….

I’d rather spend my time working my way through this seed patch than deal with work emails. Why are so many of our fellow souls just so confrontational, self absorbed and difficult. Talk about opinionated and judgemental. So quick to pick fault with others. So quick to tell you exactly what they think of someone. I don’t mind it when people are praising or supporting others but mostly it’s so negative. All based on such limited understanding or awareness of the actual facts…..

For some reason I keep dreaming about an isolated tropical island……


We all get those conversations where the other person seems to assume that we have been granted the power of mind reading.

A phone call exchange this morning sums that up perfectly….

I’m surprised you haven’t responded sooner to my concerns.”

I’m sorry but I’ve got no idea what your talking about…..

I would expect a prompt and courteous response…”

What is your concern because I have no idea what your talking about.

I’ve told you exactly what my concern is….”

No you haven’t…

I spoke to you yesterday when I phoned you….”

No you didn’t. I spoke to one person on my mobile yesterday and it certainly wasn’t you. In fact I have no idea who you are.

I emailed you as well and you didn’t reply to that “

I didn’t reply as I didn’t get your email. Are you sure you’ve phoned the right person…

Perfectly sure. You know exactly who I am. You can’t just fob me off. “

I haven’t got the foggiest who you are.

Your still avoiding giving me a straight answer.”

Who do you think you are speaking to…

Simon ######## from xxxxxxxxxx”

That’s not me. That’s not my company. You have phoned the wrong person.

You have been so &*#@@!!! Unhelpful.”

**** and with that he slammed the phone down****

Wow…… I can so understand why people become hermits now…… Maybe a few more years of lockdown might not be such a bad thing…..