An unexpected trip to the Vets this time with the big boy cat. So I was stood outside the car waiting patiently my turn to enter. The handful of pet owners kept looking at the traffic light entry system now in place. Waiting with a wide arrange of pets with owners who knew how this worked. The Vets are running late but they will get to us as soon as possible. The Receptionist keeping us informed of progress. All very polite, civilised and good natured.

Then it all changed. A car drove up with two dogs in the back. I must admit two very happy and well behaved dogs. If only the owner was….

First the owner ignored the one empty car parking spot and decided to squeeze between two already parked cars. This must have been about being closer to the entrance by all of 10 yards. Anyway it was an impressive parking achievement as there wasn’t really space for a third car. The owner squeezed out banging the unlucky adjacent car. She then ignored a returning driver politely asking if she could reverse out so the unfortunate driver could open the drivers side door more than 6 inches. The polite request was brushed off with a curt ‘I’ve got to get my dogs out’ comment. Eventually the poor driver was curved to climb in through the passenger side.

Then it was time to have a go at the nice receptionist. It was disgraceful that she had to wait and it didn’t matter that there were appointments before hers that were still waiting, she should be next and seen NOW.

Thankfully she was made to wait her turn. As my cat was seen I looked out of the window and gave reports back to the receptionist on the increasingly purple coloured and and clearly fuming person in the car park. Apparently this lady is always like this and according to the receptionist she isn’t the only customer sadly with this frame of mind.


Is it so hard to be nice and polite to people. I really don’t understand some people.

60 thoughts on “Some people

  1. I think the spay clinic has been surprised that I didn’t freak out upon learning they’d not kept my prior deposits as credit, and today when I went to fetch my MIA maroonbeach towel and they handed me a bag with two super old/ugly hand towels. After again saying… MAROON BEACH TOWEL with large white hibiscus flowers, the receptionist returned with a faded peach towel with some dumb print. Only the size was correct.

    Money gone, towel gone, whatever. Getting upset wouldn’t change that. But today explained a LOT about why dealing with them is such a nightmare.

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      1. Their ‘advice’ was not to use anything I care about. I agreed… but that was my go-to carrier padding and has been to tons of clinics without an issue.

        It’s more… inspiration… to go back to the less convenient (and cheaper) clinic. I dunno. I get that they’re relatively new but they should be FAR more organized now.

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      2. Beware the word “should” as it often pokes the bear called “reality”. 🐻 “Could” is an easier on the eye word and looks like a little white bunny. 🐇

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      3. {{{giggle}}} or maybe “Could” might be like a key 🔑 that helps open doors 🚪 and “Should” looks like an open toilet 🚽 that just doesn’t have much appeal. You know me by now Leendadll, how I just love using 🎭 metalepsis metaphors (if I totally knew what that means). 🤪 🤨

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  2. Aside from the rude, self-centred lady with the dogs, it’s interesting that your vet has a well-controlled COVID protocol and yet at Wimbledon there are 1000s of people, all totally maskless, sitting close together and cheering loudly (presumably respiring while doing so). Very hard to fathom as the delta variant spreads rapidly in the UK.

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  3. It makes me wonder what planet the ‘two dog’ and others like her were raised on. Too old to teach that dog some becoming behaviour. What kind of obedience school would that require? 🤣🐕🐕🐕🐕🐅🐆🐐

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  4. BABASP, surely you understand this entitled bee~hatch” with the two well behaved dogs, is a narcissist in the traditional sense. Unfortunately I have to work with vulnerable narcissists on a regular. Thankfully I can go home, shut it out, turn it off and relax.

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      1. When my first son was a baby, he had regular crying fits. So before I went totally doolally bonkers, occasionally, I’d make myself a coffee, put him in the pram and wheel it to the bottom of garden, with a cat net on, 🐈 a mozzy net 🦟 and an German Shepherd guarding it. However, because I loved him 💖 so much, even though I couldn’t actually hear his cry, I could visually through the window still mentally hear the little bugger!!!
        With the vulnerable narcissists at work though, the minute I get in the car, the annoying clients are all going, going, gone from my mind within the time it takes to put on my seatbelt, turn on the engine and drive off.

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  5. I hope the receptionists and the vets told her to sit and wait, hehe … My mum and were talking about this recently, just the entitlement people have. She works as a receptionist for a manufacturing and sometimes they parts just have to come from overseas. During COVID people were doing up their homes. They all expected to get their slides and shades FIRST. I swear COVID somehow made people even more entitled, lol. There’s a quote I wish I could remember about who really needs the obedience training, lol

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  6. It’s always satisfying to see businesses NOT cave in to the entitled crew. They seem to have multiplied, gotten braver or the wafflers decided eff it, I’m gonna go full, double barreled asswipe🤷🏼‍♀️
    I worked customer service for 15 years before I was disabled, and I can tell you that I was always more helpful to people who were civil. It’s absolutely okay to be upset at poor service, and to complain about it. But there is never a reason to be rude, call names or threaten people’s lives (yes, my life was threatened over a car tow🤦🏼‍♀️)
    I hope kitty is okay🤞💌💌💌

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  7. Poor dogs having to live with a human that has such negative vibes. I worked with the travelling public for many years. Sometimes they get to you and other times…just keep smiling….

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  8. I can only agree with you… unintelligible that some people principally behave that way regularly. Sometimes I think, how little respect they might have experienced that they need to do the same to others. Unfortunately, it won’t cure them.

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  9. I comfort myself that such individuals are few and far outnumbered by the kind, polite, and caring kind of folk. I pity that receptionist though. I’ve worked a lot with the public and for the most part people are good and decent but just one like this can flatten your day fairly quickly – if you allow their negative energy to impact you. They’re usually very unhappy people to behave in this way. After all most people do not go around bullying others and displaying such a terrible lack of manners and consideration of others.


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