Is traditional school based education possible for every child.

I’m thinking more and more about that.

Trying not to go over too much old ground but Hawklad has been off from school since March 2020. A combination of school lockdowns and extreme anxieties. Anxieties about health, about viruses, about people, about crowds.

He is really fortunate to have a Child Psychologist working with him. The Psychologist is clear that one of the biggest tasks Hawklad is facing is to start to unpick all these anxieties. See which ones can be addressed in the short term and those that are deeper engrained or are a part of his personality. This is a difficult at the best of times but trying to do this during a pandemic is a nightmare. And most certainly real progress on some of his health and virus anxieties will not happen while people need to wear masks, while their is still so much uncertainty and while people are catching the virus in their thousands each day. Yesterday here it was 27000 new cases and still 1800 in hospital. Sadly 22 deaths yesterday.

The Government is clear. Children have to return to the classroom immediately. Schools should not encourage homeschooling. Schools are perfectly safe. School COVID-19 cases are rising rapidly. At present there are over 400 confirmed cases in the country with somewhere between 10 and 20% experiencing serious symptoms or encountering Long COVID implications.

Whatever the rights and wrongs of schools being open with no additional safeguards one fact is clear. There are children out there who have severe anxieties or have underlying health conditions who shouldn’t be in school right now. We are fortunate in that we have a medical note that rules out a return to school at present. Many are not so fortunate.

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  1. Our school district has dropped masks too. So it is a return to in-person school, without masks, regardless of the child’s vaccination status. I am glad Hawklad has the note and has been excused!

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      1. Totally agree BABASP, case by case and safety both physically and mentally. These teachers have had time at home to think, no distractions from kids (unless they have some) and must know they have a responsibility to the children to choice subjects that will help them get through this.


  2. Under the circumstances like yours, the student-your child, is the most important concern. He is not ready or able to return, adjustments need to be made. It is important that the needs of the young be taken into consideration and handled in a proper manner. They are the future. If they are not taught properly everything is at risk. No child is unimportant or expendable.

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  3. The “return to normal” will be a difficult one for many and I wish there was more sensitivity paid attention to this. I’m glad you and Hawklad have a note that makes the transition back a longer one for him. Good luck! 🤞🏻👍

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  4. I am reading a book at the moment called “Wintering” by Katherine May. In it she describes going through consecutive crises and compares such seasons in our lives with the winter season. One crisis she describes is the enormous anxiety her son is experiencing at school culminating in her decision to remove him from that environment. She writes so eloquently about how our number one objective with our children is to help them be happy. She compares the often unreasonable burdens that are placed on children with those placed on adults. Adults seldom stand for it so why should we expect it of our children?

    Anyway I think you are doing an awesome job. I agree with you whole heartedly that a child’s emotional well-being should be one of the top considerations. How can a child learn anything when they are crippled with fears and anxieties? I don’t think mental health is even considered by the powers that be. I am glad that Hawklad has a note that excuses him from being tortured through attendance at school. I fear for the future for our children and for society as a whole. This cannot end well.

    Sending massive hugs, positive energy, and much love to you both. x

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      1. It IS wrong – on so many levels. It’s teaching children they are expendable in my opinion. I am so glad you are wise enough and strong enough to do what you know is right for your son.

        I just finished reading that book and btw the author was diagnosed with Asperger’s as a child. She had a lot of struggles in life. I think there’s much in it that would speak to your soul. Also, she is British, just an f.y.i. 🙂


  5. Children should not be treated that way in a modern society. It’s hard to comprehend. I’m glad Hawklad has the letter excusing him. Thank God for that at least. I think of you often and feel for you both. Best wishes.

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  6. I think that all the kids are going to have lasting mental health challenges related to the pandemic. Pushing them into situations that compromise their sense of safety is only going to make it worse.

    I wish Hawklad was able to get the shots, along with that note. I bet *that* would help ease his mind, even just a little bit.


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