From certain angles it looks like a rocket launch. Rocket launch in North of England. We do have a well established space programme. Including a successful moon landing.

Yes the great Wallace and Gromit made it there.

So if you put your mind to it anything is possible. Or in the case of the Grand Day Out , if you run out of cheese, the sky is the limit. So when I have a day when I feel hemmed in. When life seems a little too constrained then it’s the perfect time to watch these 24 minutes of animation escapism. Just like today.

It’s a reminder that even I can still have A GRAND DAY OUT. Get round to doing some of that elusive living. That gives me hope.

24 thoughts on “Rocket

  1. I love that! You are so right, Gary. There is always a way to “get out”. It is not the body that is restricted to leave the house but the mind to leave the head!!

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  2. Yes… “Tear down the wall”, get out of your head! I’m obviously very rarely in mine, you can borrow it🤪😂😂

    I am seriously trippin out on that picture. How did that happen? Is that natural or is it a weird illusion of a contrail? Sciencey Stuff minds want to know!🤓 W&G are excellent! So is cheese😉


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