We all get those conversations where the other person seems to assume that we have been granted the power of mind reading.

A phone call exchange this morning sums that up perfectly….

I’m surprised you haven’t responded sooner to my concerns.”

I’m sorry but I’ve got no idea what your talking about…..

I would expect a prompt and courteous response…”

What is your concern because I have no idea what your talking about.

I’ve told you exactly what my concern is….”

No you haven’t…

I spoke to you yesterday when I phoned you….”

No you didn’t. I spoke to one person on my mobile yesterday and it certainly wasn’t you. In fact I have no idea who you are.

I emailed you as well and you didn’t reply to that “

I didn’t reply as I didn’t get your email. Are you sure you’ve phoned the right person…

Perfectly sure. You know exactly who I am. You can’t just fob me off. “

I haven’t got the foggiest who you are.

Your still avoiding giving me a straight answer.”

Who do you think you are speaking to…

Simon ######## from xxxxxxxxxx”

That’s not me. That’s not my company. You have phoned the wrong person.

You have been so &*#@@!!! Unhelpful.”

**** and with that he slammed the phone down****

Wow…… I can so understand why people become hermits now…… Maybe a few more years of lockdown might not be such a bad thing…..

51 thoughts on “Hermit

  1. That one not only expected you to be a fortune teller but he has lost his ability to listen. At least now you know, why this person seems to be ignored. Although it can make one angry to have such an encounter, just imagine how much anger he must be filled with. In the end, there is so much stupidity coming from that mouth that you can only laugh…

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  2. Wow what the heck. Some people are so irrational when they’re angry. If they had taken a moment to think maybe they’d realize they’re talking to the wrong person. Kudos to you for even talking to them. I would have hung up as soon as they started being rude.

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  3. LOL… what a nutter!!
    I was just commenting with Omatra about preferring the privacy of lockdown. Soooo many people wanted to “return to normal”… but now that it’s happening here (we’re almost down to no restrictions in Calif), they’re being overwhelmed by all the things to do. I’m quite content to stay in near isolation. But I also started that several years before the pandemic.

    I really miss the outside world being quiet. Now the jets (I’m very close to an airport) are back, along with seemingly non stop emergency vehicle sirens (I live just off the main route to a major hospital).

    Thank gobs I ran after some loose dogs last night. I later watched webcam vid and heard my neighbor repeatedly rev-ing the engine of his POS scooter. If I’d been in my house and heard it, I might have killed him.

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  4. Sounds like he just ‘needed’ to be angry at someone and unfortunately you’re it. Reminds me of the people who cut me up on roundabouts because they didn’t look right, then get all angry because I had the right of way. Oh dear.

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  5. I have to admit Babasp, you have a lot of patience, more than me in that department, because I would have said “Bye” and put the phone down at “I would expect a prompt and courteous response…”

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      1. Oh I just had another thought: Do you think the person was phishing? You know some people when they get rattled might say “This is such and such of such and such…” and thus the phisher has grasp of said phish. 🐡 🐠 🐟

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