Nothing better than blowing a few Dandelion Seeds about in the air. Normally you get one or two to play with. But occasionally it becomes an epic undertaking….

I’d rather spend my time working my way through this seed patch than deal with work emails. Why are so many of our fellow souls just so confrontational, self absorbed and difficult. Talk about opinionated and judgemental. So quick to pick fault with others. So quick to tell you exactly what they think of someone. I don’t mind it when people are praising or supporting others but mostly it’s so negative. All based on such limited understanding or awareness of the actual facts…..

For some reason I keep dreaming about an isolated tropical island……

46 thoughts on “Seeds

  1. I believe it is because we abandoned the church which teaches the concept of right and wrong (any denomination) because of all the flaws, abuses, hypocrisy, and blatant contradiction that organized religion (all denominations) has foisted on us. We threw out the baby with the bath water; I was raised in a tiny Methodist church in PA, US, and learned about Christian love, universal acceptance, giving help to those in need, regardless of race, religion, ethnicity. That little Church, with its dynamic young pastor, taught so much, and was active in changing the attitudes that would change the way races regarded each other. This was morality, which people my daughter’s age (millennial) and younger do not even give lip service. They call it a “quaint concept”. They examine their own navels, but do not look for a place and means to contribute personally to a better world. Crank up the video games, and tune out. I weep in despair, and feel I have failed as a parent, even though she was taken to church and Sunday school as long as I had some say. She is a good person, but until her sense of right and wrong become active in the community, they are meaningless. Electronic isolation and refusal to take personal responsibility.

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  2. Just a quick addendum: you could use the dandelions to show your son how our actions spread out into the world, and we need to make sure they are good ones.

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  3. Oh god, my mum and I talk about this ALL the time! We Blame Trump, lol. … People have just forgotten how to get on with … you know … shit? And it seems to have happened quickly too. I’ve known narcissistic people in my life, and it just seems like everyone’s becoming one! People just have no patience, they’re all self-indulgent. Its gross.

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  4. We’ve also our own little mini-meadow of dandelions. Bash likes being able to make endless wishes, and who am I to intervene on that joy? Keep wishing and sharing those wishes, my friend xxxxxxxx

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