For some reason I have been having some really vivid dreams recently. All of which are on the bizarre side of life. It’s probably a bit of the dreaded sleep deprivation – currently operating at zombie level so apologies if this doesn’t make much sense.

At the weekend I dreamt that the Queen was taking an open top train to Redcar (a seaside town on the east coast of England). For some reason I was on the way to catch a glimpse of the train. Somehow I managed to get lost and was getting increasingly annoyed as I kept arriving at the Middlesbrough Football stadium rather than the embankment overlooking the track. I woke up as I was sprinting down a road as I could hear a train passing close by.

Then the night after I had a Jurassic Park dream. A family holiday driving through Scotland. As we drove past Glen Coe a large wall loomed in the distance. I remember telling our son about this being the first Dinosaur Park in the UK. Apparently it closed a few years back and the Dinosaurs set free. We drove a bit further along the road and came across a brontosaurus feeding on some trees in the distance. I got out of the car to take a photo but didn’t see a green dinosaur close by. When the green dinosaur started coming towards me I sprinted back into the car but forgot I had the window wound down. Woke up just as the dinosaur (from the description reliably informed by son that it is one of these chaps) stuck his head in the car and started licking me.

Last nights dream had your intrepid hero carefully constructing the Millennium Falcon (Star Wars) from matchsticks. The last stick was placed with a surgeons precision and I stepped back to admire the masterpiece. Unfortunately at the same time a very large cat (culprit below) decided to sit on it. I woke I’m sure with a scream. I have to own up that today I have been given that cat a hard time. The cat has not yet been forgiven……

49 thoughts on “Vivid Dreams

  1. I am greatly relieved to find I am not the only one who has crazy, unpredictable dreams!!! Poor moggie … but I understand, for one night I dreamed that my daughter had done something to make me angry, and I actually stayed a bit miffed at her all the next day! Sleep well!

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      1. I know, my friend. And you bury it during the day because you have a son who needs you, who needs to see that Dad is okay, but when you sleep, you cannot hide it from yourself. It comes in one form or another. Hang in … keeping you in my heart.

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      1. Whoa there. 🙂 I DO think you could share the recipes you like. I think I have a dusty one lying around for chicken and dumplings…

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      2. Dumplings we love them but they come out like ninja weapons. He’s a typical kid, if he can incorporate tomato ketchup then it must be good. He does eat meat but actually loves vegetables (except broccoli and sprouts – thought that might be down to the cook).

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      3. Does he ever have texture or food origin issues? My nephew was over for Second Thanksgiving and wouldn’t touch the mashed potatoes that everyone else scooped from…

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      4. Mine seems oblivious, but we’ve always done sandwiches in lunches anyway.
        He also builds things out of his food and mixes weird things together.

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      5. Guess you can’t hone in on his artwork. Mine’s usually okay with a sort of smiley face arrangement from me, but that’s it.

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  2. I really like this, my blog is about publishing people’s weird dreams and I would love for you to write on my blog! I invite each and every one of you to share your dream on my blog!

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