This is a week of school tests. At the moment it’s due to be 4 tests. French (x2), Science and History. I’m pretty sure they will sneak in a couple more before the week is up. I keep reminding myself our son is still only 11 – just too many tests for someone so young.

French could be interesting. One of the tests is a reading test. The kids need to read french text and then get the pronunciation correct. No reading help can be provided. The positive is our son is currently quite relaxed about this test. As he says

“I’m dyslexic so I will just do my best. On the basis of probability I should fluke a few words. And the worst thing that can happen is I get to be dyslexic in another language.”

Today was the History test. When I asked how it went the response was interesting

It went well. Didn’t get much help. All about Kings and Queens. But the questions where just too easy. As long as I guessed all the questions wording right then I probably got 100%. Probably a few minuses for spellings. I finished a bit early”

How early did you finish?

Well it was a 60 minute test. A couple of the other kids finished after about 40 minutes. I was a little bit sooner.”

So how soon did you finish?

I was finished after 18 minutes….”

61 thoughts on “18 minutes

  1. Oh I giggled. I always hated tests. Always the first to visit and than had to sit and wait for the time I could get up and leave. As an adult when I have had to take courses and finish quickly I am always asked if I don’t want to double check. Your son is awesome.

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  2. Gosh! I agree about tests coming too early. But I had to laugh at being dyslexic in another language. Great words. Hope all the rest of the tests go well 😊

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  3. I think your son and i would be great friends! πŸ™‚

    Maybe even with his not as fast Dad too! πŸ˜‰

    Going back to check for dumb or rushed mistakes in tests is a good practice and habit to get into however!!

    I see the attraction to home schooling, something i would not have previously advocated. 😦

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