We had a lovely trip to Doncaster Wildlife Park today. It was a relatively brief visit. He was a bit uncomfortable with the crowds, but as we got there early so we had an hour of relative quiet before the masses started to arrive. The animals all outside – basking in the warm sun…Yes warm sun and Yorkshire.

On the way back home he was getting increasingly agitated at the amount of building work appearing in the countryside. I have to say it is staggering and so frustrating. The amount of derelict and unused land in built up areas and we still decide to encroach on what is left of our unspoilt areas. Can we please leave just a bit of our beautiful planet for future generations.

A few miles later I asked our son what things he would change in the world today. Reading my mind he initially said

The last 4 Star Wars Movies


Buying that Alvin and The Chipmunks DVD


Giving the pup that really annoying squeaking Toy Crocodile


Buying those Lycra Cycle shorts (I added that one, what was I thinking of)

But eventually he answered for himself and the changes he proposed were revealing.

  • Tackling Climate Change
  • Not one more tree felled
  • U.K. NOT leaving Europe
  • Finding a way to end Terrorism
  • Replacing President Trump and Prime Minister May.

I really can’t argue with theses changes.

What would you change?

66 thoughts on “Changes

      1. Heck, my friend, he’s just about wiser than anybody I know! Yes, the schools tend to stifle the ones who would excel rather than to encourage them to shine in their own light. And he’s had more than his share of troubles with the schools not being in tune with him. But he is so obviously very smart … I hope I’m around to see what path he chooses in life!


  1. You MAMIL you. (Middle Aged Men In Lycra)

    Warm sun and Yorkshire? I can believe that…. Just!

    Now if you’d said warm sun and Manchester…..


    That really is a smart boy you got there!

    What would i change? The economic system that makes multi-millionaires of sportsmen and women who are playing a game they love while teachers, nurses and policemen, not to mention most scientists, get pittances for doing some of the most difficult, demanding, dangerous and essential work in our society.

    Ban all advertising other than by word of mouth.

    Make how to behave like a decent, civilised caring human being the prime lesson in all years of schooling, No-one leaves school until they get an adult level passing grade (minimum 95% pass mark) with the final test lasting a full year.

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      1. EEEEEWWWWWW! (pulls the face)

        I’ve seen a cartoon of him in wrestling trunks… it was months ago and it’s still etched vividly on my retina!

        Some things just aren’t meant to be seen!

        Thanks for the potential vote although it is quite unlikely i would ever run for election.

        Wasn’t it Groucho Marx who first said:” I wouldn’t want to be a part of any club that would have me as a member!”? 🙂

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  2. Of course, when a Yorkshireman says “Warm Sun”, what he means is “Above freezing” 😉

    I would certainly agree with your son about reversing Brexit and replacing Trump and may. In fact, all oh his choices reflect a very sane set of priorities.

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