Some can multitask some cannot. I am certainly in the latter camp. A few examples from yesterday to evidence the point

  • Attempt to make breakfast and prepare a pack up for lunch. Ended up pouring fruit juice on the cornflakes and using cold water in the coffee,
  • Driving to Doncaster and son asked my opinion on King James II. Two minutes later I had demonstrated a complete lack of historical expertise AND I also realised that I had missed our motorway junction,
  • I tried to pay the zoo entrance fee while holding a bottle of water and a cup of coffee. Although I did manage to purchase two tickets I also managed to drop the water and spill the coffee down my leg,
  • Trying at the same time to make soup, grill some vegetables and cut some carrots. Unbelievably I managed to not turn the cooker on the stove so the soup didn’t heat up, burn the vegetables and almost slice my finger off,
  • Tried to send a relative a birthday card while trying to make a telephone complaint to our broadband supplier. After posting the envelope I discovered the card still sat on the desk.

So I can’t multitask however our son…..

During the evening I found him sat with both iPads on his lap, while at the same time the TV was on. When I asked why the response was

“Somedays just don’t have enough hours to do all the stuff. Had three things I still really needed to do so I am watching a video about William Shakespeare on your iPad and a video about caring for gerbils on my iPad. Plus I am listening to a documentary about the Dinosaur mass extinction on the TV.”

Clearly from our later discussions he managed to absorb an unbelievable amount of detail from all three information streams. I could only dream of that.

Having said that if someone is so good at that how difficult can it be to put his dirty clothes in the washing basket…….

97 thoughts on “Multitasking

  1. They say women are better at multitasking than men. They did not ask me because I am terrible at it. Just having a conversation in the car with my kids makes me go the wrong way every time. I prefer to do one task at a time. Kids these days are unbelievable. They can do quite a bit with their time.

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      1. Oh noooooo. You know what – when I could see to cook, before I got ill, I was ALWAYS burning myself on eithr the oven or the grill. Your son is absolutely great. He’s got it all sussed lol.

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  2. Ugh, you’re me and your son’s like my college roommate. She could have music on, the tv on, a computer game going, and STILL somehow manage to write up her homework. The most I can do when the tv’s on is catch up on blogs. Like right now? Got the original Shaft on. πŸ™‚


    1. Sorry dog jumped on my lap and pressed return. Was saying… I have made about 3 attempts to write a post for tomorrow already but it’s just impossible to concentrate or get the words past my dumbass filter. Just to many distractions. No idea how you can find a way of writing to your level with 3 kids, a part time job and all the other stuff going on.

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  3. Thank you so much for the much-needed end-of-day laugh at your multi-tasking antics! I am much the same and once told a boss that there is no such thing as true multi-tasking, but rather if we attempt to spread ourselves so thin, then none of the things we are doing is done properly. I still believe that, at least for my own single-track mind. πŸ˜‰

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      1. I hate bosses like that. I had one once, who always used the Nike slogan “Just do it!” But to be fair, I’ve had some really great bosses in my life who appreciated all that I did.

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  4. That brought a smile to my face! As did the cute ex-pat wallabys which, i assume, were in the zoo and not roaming the Yorkshire Dales hunting for a free lunch?

    Hope the finger mends soon. (Unco!) πŸ˜‰

    “Having said that if someone is so good at that how difficult can it be to put his dirty clothes in the washing basket…….” – you make a crap Dad, but an Excellent Mum to your boy!

    He’s lucky he’s got you… and you’re lucky to have him!

    ( Was ‘the care of gerbils’ a pre-emptive strike or did you manage to find a petshop that sold them – you didn’t say??) πŸ˜‰

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