A couple of days back we set off for the pet shop to get a gerbil. A couple of hours later we had fallen for the story of the three inseparable brothers who they didn’t want to split up ……

Happy Son. Confused Dad.

Meet our three new faces. Cupid, Jeff and Hendrix. Unbelievably the house is already covered in wood chippings. Suspect I will need a bigger Hoover…..

93 thoughts on “Gerbils

      1. I don’t know if they still sell them, but I also had hamsters and I purchased a hamster ball that you could put hamsters, gerbils, mice, etc. in and let them roll around to their hearts’ content. It had air holes, was clear, and had a screw-top lid so they shouldn’t be able to escape.

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  1. All definitely male?
    My darling daughter bought a rabbit for my granddaughter.
    She felt the rabbit was lonely so went back and bought its sister.
    Rabbits are incredibly stupid, they had forgotten each other and fought. Badly.
    She got a second hutch.
    Rabbit no 1 turned out to be pregnant. Rabbits 3,4 and 5 arrived.
    Rabbits 4 and 5 did nor survive, now buried in my garden.
    Rabbit 3 lasted a lot longer but … (now also buried in my garden)
    Rabbit 2 muscled out of its hutch and now may be terrorising the local allotment.
    Max, a large grey rescue rabbit was bought.
    Somehow him and hutch came to my house where he lived indoors for a few months, on a temporary basis. Mayhem (see my post 268)
    Her letting agents were due a visit, so rabbit no 1 arrived at my house on a temporary basis.
    The rabbits were put in the garden. On a temp..
    My next door neighbour tells me we also have fox visitors nightly.
    I felt bad that the two rabbits were in separate hutches at night and 5′ x 5′ runs during the day.
    I also felt annoyed that Max escaped a few times and I had to run around the garden pretending to be a hound to catch the so
    I bought a huge cage and they live in there now (see Music 9 post) as there is zero chance of them going back to my daughter.
    Daughter and granddaughter occasionally clean them out.
    We also have our daughter’s cat (see Music 12 post).

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      1. I was referring to the house being covered in wood chippings, the hoover, and you being a confused Dad lol. Hope your son really enjoys the gerbils. X

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  2. Oh gerbils! ❀ Best pets ever! Well, I’ve had gerbils for years now and totally love them. Kudos to you for not breaking the threesome up: gerbils are very social animals and always need at least one pal. If you’d had taken one or two wit you, the single one would have been very lonely. Have fun! And yeah, a good hoover is not a bad idea with these furry ones πŸ™‚ They sure love to remodel their home 😁

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  3. I admire your desire to do a great job parenting…

    … but i can’t escape the nagging feeling you’re tempting fate here, given your history.

    Maybe a pet that cannot escape, breed or die might have been a better choice? πŸ˜‰

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      1. How long do tortoises live? I think Giant ones outlast humans!
        Then there are pet rocks?? Not as cute as a gerbil, i’ll grant you – but you’d save a fortune on feed/hutches/vacuuming! πŸ™‚

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  4. They’re so lovely! When I was a child we brought two females home for the summer holidays. ( My mum was a teacher too, so we always had holiday pet duties.) By September there were 26! My mum said they weren’t as female as advertised!

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