I must admit even routine trips out seem like big adventures these days. Occasionally it’s good to return to the outside world. Makes me feel kinda grown up.

We had an afternoon trip to Whitby for a medical appointment. It was cold, wet, windy and misty. But as ever stunningly beautiful. It’s one of those places that when the sun shines it is just the most picturesque place. But in a wild storm it is truly a perfect place for Dracula to land and wreck havoc.

Son always calls Whitby Abbey, Dracula’s Castle.

If the weather had been kinder we would have ventured onto the beach and search beneath the cliffs. It’s a fantastic place to find fossils. It’s just wonderful to see him searching. Methodically digging and searching through stones. Then suddenly a bit of arm flapping and he is deep into a dream world of dinosaurs.

Once we leave Jurassic times a walk round the small port and Son is lost again in dream world. This time dreams drift 250 years ago to Captain James Cook. Whitby was his home port and his famous ship The Endeavour was built here.

At the medical appointment the consultant handed our son a sheet of paper which had his future appointment dates listed. Instantly son announced

I won’t sign anything before the terms are checked out by my lawyer”

Kids learn so quickly these days.

73 thoughts on “Whitby

  1. the boy is sharp ๐Ÿ™‚ what drew me to this post was the title ; it reminded me very much of a fine post Billy Mac wrote recently [ ‘Superman Can’t Find A Phone Booth’] called ‘Willoughby’ and I got the names confused. It was based on an episode of The Twilight Zone called ‘A Stop at Willoughby’ which you may have seen

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  2. You (and he) always seem to find a way to bring out a little humour into some otherwise rather unhumourous situations… Good for you! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I don’t think the sun is due out in Whitby until mid-August??

    There’s no doubt in my mind – your son and the 11 year old me would have got on famously. ๐Ÿ™‚

    As for the Good Captain and his ship, my home town of Perth built an exact replica of the Endeavour in 1994 using the same methods they would have in Whitby 3 centuries ago. It sails around the world visiting ports and where you can go on board and in some places even help sail the ship! (see: https://www.sea.museum/endeavourvoyages) it’s currently back home for a few months but you can track her from the website.

    Hope you have managed to avoid personal injury so far today? ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  3. Whitby is a wonderful place. I took my friend there for a day out once, and she has a phobia of birds! You can imagine what Whitby did for her! Hubby and I had a lovely holiday tbere one time, in a cottage, but another time we camped, abd we spent the whole of one night holding the tent down lol. What hapoens when it takes two of you to hold it down and one of you wants to go to let some water out lol.

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    1. Yes I remember trying to do that with a tent wanting to fly on top of a mountain in the Lake District. Funny but kinda scary. Yes the infamous Whitby Gulls. We had a laugh as in the hospital carpark we encountered two particularly hard looking ones. We both joked about the looking like they were going to break into a car. Then suddenly one of them went up to a poor small car and started pecking at the bodywork. xx

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      1. Oh crikey! Lol. I have some real stories about our camping and walking days! Like the dat we climbed Scafell Pike and forgot something!

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      2. Oh lol Gary. We had a terrible problem once with a trailer tent that wouldnโ€™t stay up. We never did figure it out. Only used it once then we t back to basics. Much better lol

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