I often hear fitness experts say that you know when exercise is really working because it starts to hurt. No pain no gain. Well I think I successfully disproved that theory this morning. Pain means PAIN.


Somedays it’s good to be brought back down to earth. An Aspergers child with beautiful honesty is a perfectly designed tool for this job.

At school the kids had to tell the class one thing their parent(s) were brilliant at. Apparently talents such as football, rugby, accountancy, building, driving, cooking, singing, languages, science, nursing, making money, horse riding, swimming, judo, gardening, running, pottery and writing we’re all mentioned. But not in one case…

A certain boy said “well it depends on your exact definition of brilliant, in my Dads case I may need to think about this for a while….”

The boy knows me too well.


Maybe his hesitation on awarding brilliance was influenced by a little accident this morning. I have a little bit of a sore eye. During my early morning workout I somehow managed to hit myself in the face with a 14lb Kettlebell… So going back to the pain theory – experts would say that my pain was a sign of a most rewarding workout. Really!!!!

88 thoughts on “Feel the pain

      1. Well yes….but surely the swimming pools in Yorkshire are safe?

        If you see any fins sticking up out of the water in the local swimming baths – it’s probably a kid who has strapped a fin to his back.

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      2. I like Yorkshire a lot. We had family holidays in Scarborough and Whitby.
        Last holiday in Scarborough was a bit of a disaster – caravan holiday during some of the most dreadful weather I have known. We thought the wind was going to push the caravan onto it’s side.

        Have never seen any sharks or swimming ferrets on our visits to Yorkshire 🙂

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      3. When a family of six turn up at the cottage they booked and find out they arrived a night early (another family were there!) … the end result – sleeping in the car.

        Dads! – aren’t they unique!

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      1. Yup! I would say right now that you were. But kids heal quickly and oldies like me need all the help they can get. So I am going to behave, hopefully and let this cast stay on for as long as the doctor wants.

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  1. So sorry to hear about the kettlebell incident – but on the bright side your son’s very logical response made me smile and so i felt a bit happier! 🙂

    For next time he’s asked perhaps you might suggest to your son that you are, in fact, brilliant at providing stories and anecdotes that make people who know you laugh and make them realise there is always someone worse off than we are?

    Maybe it was the shock and pain of being hit in the head by a solid heavy object but i’m afraid your logic is not as highly developed as the offspring’s.

    While it is true that pain is pain (very astute of you sir!) 😉 you did not actually disprove the health guru maxim that no pain = no gain; the former in no way negates the latter. It could well be said that the pain of being zonked generated a considerable gain, inasmuch as you are likely to be more careful next time you handle a potentially deadly weapon while working out.

    Read the instructions before use – i’m certain there is a bit in there about not using them as face massager! 🙂 (Or using them whilst distracted or under the influence of inattention, or while drowsy from lack of decent sleep). 😀

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      1. I should have mentioned… the blood is my own: no combatants were harmed while using these Weapons of Miss Destruction. :-)…

        …( I’ll wipe them down then shall i?) 🙂

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  2. 😀 Yeah; not sure what you gained there…
    Whenever my kids fill out Mother’s Day forms, they put something like “likes to do dishes.” *sigh*

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      1. Frankly, they don’t recognize the adult work load. I know that I assumed I would be able to just sleep all day as an adult.

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  3. Sounds like a smart child! I’ve been trying to follow you, the email form thinks I’m using a fake email when I’m not so can’t sign up. If you had the Follow button in the sidebar I’d be able to.

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      1. Like, you should become a product tester. If there’s any way a product could potentially hurt someone, you’d find it! You’d save companies gobs of money because you’d let them know all the warning labels to make before other people could sue them.
        Hmmm, wonder if I could put my twins to work doing that…..

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