When I told our son about the Great Blogger Bake-off he smiled and said

Oh dear Dad. It’s a good job they haven’t perfected actual food tasting over the internet.”

Very true. I remember the attempts which even the garden birds refused. We call it Weapons Grade cooking.

You had better practice.

Good idea.

So tonight we had a practice. And what a practice…

Sticking to my current dietary fad. My attempt is going to be Gluten Free and Dairy Free. AND now Sugar Free. It’s a good job every food cupboard has at least 3 jars of out of date honey…. Also found 2 jars of out of date pesto – probably not much use in baking.

Wow Dad is that supposed to be a cake. Or is it a pancake.”

Sadly son it’s not a pancake.

Is it ok if I don’t try it. Better not give it to birds – just in case.”

We will be publishing posts detailing what the challenge is

for THE GREAT BLOGGERS’ BAKE-OFF all of next week.

Look out for future posts!

78 thoughts on “Bake-off

  1. I think getting that cake to rise would be beyond even Jesus’ ability to restore life.

    I recommend cremation!

    (How can honey have a use by date?? – They’ve found jars from the Pyramids in Egypt that were still edible after 3000 years? They used to use it as an ingredient in embalming fluid… looking at that ‘cake’ (and i use the term very loosely!) it’s not hard to see why.) ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Hope the concussion and the cold have cleared up?

    P.S. Friday is World Sleep Day – you get 2 chances (early or late) make the best of them!

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      1. One more sleep… THEN it’s sleepy Friday (also known as World Sleep Day) ๐Ÿ˜‰

        I was going to suggest you download the World Sleep Day ‘toolkit’ ( in PDF form!) … But i don’t want to worry you over the ‘risks’!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

        Don’t lose any sleep over it is my advice.

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      1. Yes, I have been going twice a week – I signed on as a new member as my trial period ended so I may go more now to really get my money’s worth. We’ll see!

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    1. Honey is magic. Besides its delicious taste, it’s pretty much the only food that does not spoil while in an edible state. But why, exactly, doesn’t honey go bad?

      Honey has a lot of pretty incredible properties. It’s been used and investigated for medicinal properties for a long time, especially as a treatment for open wounds. Herodotus reported that the Babylonians buried their dead in honey, and Alexander the Great may have been embalmed in a coffin full of honey.

      The oldest honey ever found was unearthed in Georgia, and dates back over 5,000 years. So, if you found yourself in possession of some 5,000 year-old honey, could you eat it? Well. . .

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  2. Know the feeling with failed cakes. They became Di Surprise desserts covered in custard or cream and fresh fruit, failed sponges either went in trifles or became frisbee cakes.
    Have made a choc chip cheesecke today. Waiting the necessary hours for it to ‘chill’.

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      1. We ate pretty well. It wasn’t uusual to see me hanging over the freezers (if not in them) looking for split bags of veg at reduced prices.
        I could do wonders with a tin a spam (only 17p in those days!). Working for a vending machine copmany also had its perks as things like pasties or pies came back off site which I could take home for dinner.

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