Great Bloggers Bake-off – Not gone to plan…


“Dad it’s another disaster…”

It started so well apart from my cake mix apparently looking like mashed potatoes. It was time to add the special flavour. Ginger and Lime. I had found a long forgotten bottle of Ginger and Lime Cordial.

Dad how much cordial are you going to add?”

I don’t really know, I will just pour it in and you shout out when it’s enough.

“Dad I thought it was a Ginger cake.”

It is….

So why are you pouring in the Summer Fruits cordial”

Pants…. So the cake became a Summer Fruits Ginger And Lime Cake. Gluten and dairy free. Time to incinerate it.

The minutes ticked on. Browner on the outside but liquid in the middle. Eventually the middle set..

Unusually for me it hasn’t got the consistency of concrete. It is the beyond crumbly. This isn’t slicing in half.

Dad cover it in chocolate, hide the evidence”

So a quick dairy free chocolate covering is deployed.

Fantastic…..Happy Great Bloggers Bake-off Day.

Great Bloggers Bake-off

It’s less than 24 hours (Sunday 24th March) to the Great Bloggers Bake-Off.

The big question is – what type of baker and you going to be?

Are you going to be like the fabulous Mary Berry.

Or are you going to be more like Baron Frankenstein.

Whatever your inner baking self – please send your sponge cake photos to

Let’s have fun gang.

For more details why not visit the brilliant Crushed Caramel (Learner at Love) or for cracking baking tips visit our special guest judge A Jeannie in the Kitchen

The Great Bloggers Bake-Off

This might look like a fine birthday cake. I could say that it’s something I knocked together. It was so easy for me. You could say it was a piece of cake.

But that would be stretching the truth just a little.

The reality was that I had a spongecake in the oven. It was supposed to be in the oven for 25 minutes. I got slightly distracted and it was in the oven for 2 hours. Shall we say it was a little on the crisp side. Again I lowered the baking bar. Thankfully the local supermarket came to the rescue.

Hopefully you will join us for this Sundays GREAT BLOGGERS BAKE-OFF. It’s going to be great fun and we are going to see some great cakes. Hopefully we will also see some ‘not so great creations’. I think the non baking community can lower the bar further. Let’s do it gang…..

Crushed Caramel (Learner at Love) has a load of fantastic posts about the big baking day.

A Jeanne in the Kitchen is our special guest judge for the day. She has got some truly breathtaking examples of great baking on her site.

Please send a photo of your cake so it can be featured in the 

The Great Bloggers’ Bake-Off Round-Up to the following e-mail address:

Great Blogger Bake Off

It’s the Great Bloggers Bake-Off this Sunday. Hopefully everyone will have fun. It’s open to everyone – even f####### Gordon Ramsey….

Please don’t think it’s just for the really gifted bakers. It’s for every level of ability. Even my weapons grade cooking level.

I call today’s effort the ‘maybe my chocolate swirl idea needs refining a tad’ Sponge Cake. Or as son called it “The Abominable Cake – I’m not eating that abomination”.

So even if you can’t bake – why don’t you have a go. Disasters are welcome here.

Please send a photo of your bake to the following e-mail address with the subject BAKE-OFF: