Yesterdays announcement of my new signature dish – The Pizza Cheesecake – seemed to be as popular as Trump announcing that he would be starting to model revealing beach costumes…. So I have decided to slightly tweak the dish. Just a superficial change. I’ve kept the base and ditched the rest of the cake. So it’s goodbye pizza and hello to strawberry, blueberry and marshmallow cheesecake.

It might not look much but wow it tasted good. Definitely my new dish.

Warning… if you don’t like this version of the cake then I will may be forced to model beachwear. Trust me that’s a step you don’t want to unleash on the world. The last time I took my shirt off on a beach, I was quickly surrounded by whale specialists. Buckets of water were then thrown over me until the tide came in, so they could attempt to refloat me……

It’s the Great Bloggers Bake-off this weekend. Let’s get baking. All the tremendous creations and my awful ones are appearing on Mel’s wonderful site.

Crushed Caramel

Remember to send in your creations to Mel (CrushedCaramel). Maybe your entry is not baking just something for a picnic like a sandwich, drink or salad….

Let’s see if we can literally blow Mel’s and our wonderful judge Jeanne’s (A Jeanne in the kitchen) socks off with our creations and monstrosities (in my case).

67 thoughts on “Bake-off

  1. Gary, I love cheesecakes, marshmallows, blueberries, and strawberries AND it does look good!! Ok, that way I destroy the chance of seeing you in beachwear… lol But I have to say that this must be a fantastic cake!

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      1. Haha… I love your humor, Gary! Thank you for always being so thoughtful!
        Thanks, I am very positive. I cannot believe, I am having two weeks and can adjust my activities to the weather and not to the little remaining time. 😊

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  2. I still think you should try it with a poutine milkshake on the side. What could go better with cheesecake that a healthy dollop of whipped up cheese curds and overcooked french-fried potato paste in, wait for it, rhubarb ice-cream! Oh so utterly bougiesois….

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      1. Whew! Thought you might disqualify me without a picture.

        Funny. Jeannie used to own a bakery in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada from which she shipped cheesecakes all over the world. For the right price she would even include files in the graham wafer bases. (The non-metallic kind that wouldn’t beep going through a metal detector.)

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      2. BoJo can go CoHo in SoHo, whatever the hell that means. My mind is envisioning a smoking salmon on a sofa made of Italian bread with green lettuce pillows and red pepper roses.

        I am officially announcing my break with sanity. A long time in the making, I lost my mind last night on the archaepelago of Antigua, where the water meets the sky where stars turn into fish.

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  3. I love it!! Looks yummy … pizza cheesecake did not sound so yummy lol glad you ditched that

    Oh my goodness I missed thousands of your posts in my busy-ness 😮 I will read tmrw as it is past midnight right now 😳 and my eyes are getting tired!

    I shall be back lol ✌️ not sure if that’s a threat or a promise lol 😘✌️

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  4. Looks tasty. I mean, not to brag or anything, but I make pretty killer chicken and waffles. Just sayin’. Might do the bake-off, only thing preventing me not to is the virus and my busy schedule with art and my own blog. And you, whoever may be reading this comment, I wish you the safest of times and that we can make it thru this together. But also separated…

    You know what I mean 😄

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      1. One of my favorites, which is how I learned to make it in the first place. Also love cornbread and fish & chips 😁

        Do you have any particular favorite foods?


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