All the great chefs of the world have a signature dish. Gordon F###### Ramsey has his Beef Wellington. Thomas Keller has his smoked salmon crisps. Heston Blumehthal has his snail porridge. So clearly I need one. After much thought. Much ‘thought means’ looking at what I’ve got in the cupboards, I may have mine now. It needs tweaking. When I say tweaking I mean it needs to be made edible……

I give you the Pizza Cheesecake. Sweet base, Turmeric whipped cream, Tomato Ketchup and Yorkshire Cheddar Cheese. With a secret spice ingredient. Would tell you but the label has dropped off that spice, so I have literally no idea….

Remember to send in your Great Bloggers Bake-off creations to Mel (CrushedCaramel). Maybe your entry is not baking just something for a picnic like a sandwich, drink or salad….

Let’s see if we can literally blow Mel’s and our wonderful judge Jeanne’s (A Jeanne in the kitchen) socks off with our creations and monstrosities.

80 thoughts on “Signature Dish

  1. Yes…it would definitely be unique to you!
    We love making pizza toast…but as soon as I read that you used a sweet base, I thought Gary must be suffering from baking exhaustion – he has lost the plot!!

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  2. At least you can make them appear. My lady friend won’t even let me try to make Poutine milkshakes, lemon yoghurt scrambled eggs, wasabi popped peas with cherry sauce, or some of the other creations that come outta my mind some experimental mornings. I open my mouth and she chases me out of the kitchen. What’s wrong with being a little daring, occasionally.
    Be thankfhul you have no kitchen security in your life, Gary, at least your ideas come to some kind of fruition, or is that a gracious death?

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      1. *smirk* Yes, I think you can juggle with just about anything that isn’t too heavy or too light. Feathers would be difficult. Oxen… Oxen would be very difficult. Don’t ask, I just pulled that out of the air.

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      2. 30 steps to the top, with some steps in between each plateau. On a good day I run the first two times and then walk up them 10 more times. So 360+ steps. That doesn’t sound like enough. 😀 Then I walk around the neighborhood 3 times. That’s my cool down.

        My energy has definitely been better since I started walking everyday. Still get some tired days like today, but overall better.

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      3. 😁 I’m not a performer! For a friend, however, I’d give a little more. Wrote a poem about that. I actually avoid the steps in the rain. I try to be safety concious. 😀 I don’t want the video of me falling down the stairs to go viral.

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