Well the Great Bloggers Bake-off is fast approaching on the 18th-19th July. Why don’t you join in the fun. Whether you can bake or not. Let’s have fun.

Remember to send in your creations (you can start early) to Mel (CrushedCaramel). Maybe your entry is not baking just something for a picnic like a sandwich, drink or salad….


Let’s see if we can literally blow Mel’s and our wonderful judge Jeanne’s (A Jeanne in the kitchen) socks off with our creations and monstrosities.

So in the spirit of baking, here we go then. Time to get serious. It’s Soufflé time. That’s a gluten and diary free version. Stand by your panic rooms. Extreme baking photo is coming…..

Ok it’s not quite High End Food. But as a certain broad chinned Marvel Villain would say. I AM INEVITABLE. So tomorrow we will have Round Two of the Soufflé Wars.

73 thoughts on “Inevitable

  1. My first thought was, what the hell IS that???

    I got a gigantic zucchini from a neighbor and have been searching recipes. I’m not a fan of the texture of zucchini so it’s a tricky search. I found a recipe for zucchini pizza crust that looks interesting (I can’t decide if that’s good or bad). The 1 zucchini is enough for many recipes. Or maybe I’ll fall back on my plan to make quiche.

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    1. My favorite use for zucchini is always things like zucchini bread or cake, or adding a cup of grated zucchini to cornbread to make it extra moist. No zucchini taste in these, just added moisture and little flecks of green. Best of luck!

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  2. LOL all I can think of now after seeing that last image of brown is “Do I need to put gloves on and place it within a yellow clinical waste bag?” Sorry, it’s just how this day is going. LOL

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      1. So the stubbornness must come from the combination of both, the proude leo and the pinching cancer. It is just because I am Taurus and that means the embodiment of stubbornness… lol

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      2. I can totally identify with it. But my ascendent is Libra which means, I am always trading things off against each other which is often in the way when I need to make a decision. Taurus is not a fan of changes anyway and then that ascendent… lol! So, I have really come a long way in changing so much about my life… haha.

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      3. Hmm, I see a lot of a Cancer in you regarding the load of feelings and empathy you hold in your heart. But there is also the protective Leo in you. The one who roars and protects his little one with his life.

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      4. I joined a course 13 years ago. Only some basics but I have always been interested in astrology. I also learned tarot card reading which also involves aspects of astrology.

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      5. No, I haven’t read other people’s palms but I had my palm read once. I have to say that this is like reading cards. You get an input but in the end, it is a medial reading. You are aligning with the person’s self and communicate on a different higher level. I don’t call myself a medium but I let this ability flow into my one-to-one sessions to understand the person in a better way and know more about the background of their struggles.


  3. I don’t know….people are just so rude! It didn’t look that bad!!! So what exactly are you able to work with if you have no dairy…there should be a baking handicap, like in golf (I don’t know anything about either,of course)

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