Flowers never fail to take my breathe away.

Sadly on too many days, school has the same effect on me

I contacted school to let them know that son was still struggling but as it was the last week of school, he would give the online lessons a go. School said that they would let all his teachers know and would appropriately restrict his work demands. This week had to be a phased return. That was 8.30am on Monday morning. His first lesson went ok then it was time for the second to start. He was told to complete a one hour test (starting in 5 minutes) which the rest of the class has had a week to revise for. In fact some of the questions related to course material which was only introduced during the week he was absent. Apparently even if a child is sick, that child should still log into the school system and check all class lesson notes.

So much for a phased return to schooling.

This called for the inspirational powers of hot milk, digestive biscuits and toast. The test was completed with much common sense and quite a bit of creative guesswork. Looking at some of the questions – his Dad would have been as much use as air conditioning is in Yorkshire.

That was the first morning of the school week. This could be a long one. Good job we have many packets of biscuits and chocolate ready to go…

61 thoughts on “Biscuit inspiration

  1. Weeeeell that’s shitty. I know I’m jumping into the middle of things–is he feeling better? Was it just flu/cold type junk? I know I have to check in on my own students no matter how I’m feeling, but that’s as a teacher, not a student.

    Speaking of, I’ve been neck-deep in finals, so that’s why I’ve been offline for a bit. You sound tired, but not down and out. The flowers are gorgeous, and I’m sure biscuits and furry cuddles with your four-legged friends will help. Just make sure you take a moment to breathe for yourself. I’m hoping for that breath in a week or so. Sigh…

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  2. Los Angeles and San Diego counties have officially declared no on-site classes when the new school year starts in 3 or 4 weeks. Whereas somewhere else has declared no need for kids to wear masks at school as it might “harm them”. Gaaahhh!!

    Good luck with studies this week… to me as well… I’m already back to blowing off my class.

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  3. I wonder if that would make a good ad campaign…

    “Hey, you exhausted? Sick of the half-wits running your son’s school? Have some of Gordon’s Handmade Biscuits™! You will feel better than before after trying our pastry delights, so come on down, try one today! Now in Pecan.”

    I think I’ve got a million dollar idea on our hands. Also, good luck! 😁

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  4. Beautiful flowers and stunning view!

    Yeah here too, they do expect you to be responsible for your own education… my daughter is also middle school…

    I believe they do that to get them prepared for high school… which is a little bit more on you… and then college is all you.

    So I think they are just trying to train to be in the habit of handling their own selves ? Preparing them kinda so not an intense shock later. That’s what I figure anyway.

    Your schools sound more ??? Strict and controlled – no movement for special circumstances

    He will do ok, he has a good teacher ✌️

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      1. Hahaha… one thing no one tells you when you have kids… you get to go back to school seemingly forever lol … I have 3 … I can’t escape school!!! I didn’t like it the first time around lol

        But you will do good…

        What I find… is at first I do amazing – know what I’m talking about … then high school comes and they need help in math … yeah not my forte … you lost me at algebra – and we have common core – I hope you don’t have that… they don’t let you just teach them your ways … you have to do it exactly as they say or is wrong even if you have the right answer. I hate that!!! Nothing annoys me more lol

        It will be ok… you actually do really good with him and you know where his strengths and weaknesses are. That can only help you ✌️

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  5. I wonder if anyone present, will ever forget the day my son left school for the last time (years before it was due). He was a tall boy for his age, well above some of the teachers. A gently giant and still is. Thing is, he had been ill and on the returning day, a teacher decided stupidly not to listen to the quiet sore throat voice of reason, that tried to whisper “I’ve been ill… “. Demanding fervently some homework my son had not been given and going on and on at my son (who like I mentioned had been ill). Unfortunately, the teacher then said something even more stupid along the lines of “When you’re in this school in that uniform…” and this then prompted my son to silently take the clothes off, fold them onto the desk and walk out so proud of what his mother gave him to wear on his VERY first day. Homeschool it was from then on. Having looked up online the free support group Education Otherwise and muckling through, some things not working, other things brilliantly.

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      1. When the teacher was a jerk, he stayed respectful to the instructions given him and came away head held high. I couldn’t be more proud, but who knows what might have happened if it was another child and the parents had instructed the child to react aggressively to defend his rights?

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  6. Like your other commenter wrote… looks like no Freedom for me or Ben this Fall. All the kids in his school are losing so much!!

    I’ve given up on Hawklad’s school. Obviously a bunch of Bojos run that school. 🍪🍫🥛 💌💌

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      1. I just completed an online allergy course and test. So yes, there’s so many names for things e.g. milk is also casein, lactyc yeast, whey solids,… Reading the ingredients is so complicated, but also so important if someone has allergies or preferences e.g. vegan.

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      2. Most likely, the problem there is, either pasteurization or the growth hormone or the antibiotics…or all of that, combined. When you heat milk, you destroy all the nutrients (the vitamins, the lactose, any minerals…all twisted out of shape). That, alone, can make it toxic to many. Plus, you have growth hormones injected into the cows and all the antibiotics to keep them well. Don’t even get me started on the GMO grain most are fed. That contributes, too. I don’t drink milk. Haven’t for years. And, the only cheese I eat is organic, grass-fed raw milk cheese. Anything else is poison.

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      3. I was out yesterday doing some watercolour painting of hedgerow flowers. In the distance I could hear a cow bellowing for it’s calf and I guess it will have been taken, so the cows milk can be made available to humans. The calf will have been killed or less rare here, put in one of those tiny field shelters and fed rehydrated dry milk powder. This is just saying the reality of dairy, no opinions expressed here, but you can guess I have some.

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      4. Every time I read “biscuits”, I’m thinking about my grandmothers fluffy, round biscuits with gravy, piping hot…or, Biscuitville.

        If you’ve ever heard of a “Biscuitville”, it was started in my hometown:
        I grew up going to Pizzaville before it was converted and wound up going to high school with the, now. President & CEO.

        We like our “biscuits” here in NC. LOL!


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